Please be helpful a member crypto

i’m henry hudson ,42 age .I have been in the crypto market for 3 years now with via the form of masternode and investment in mining machinery.
But the more the investment lost due to too many worthless masternode, mining can not be over $3 per day.The machines I have sold are not enough for my current life and my children 4 and 9 year olds.
I’m really moving to work outside, but with so little money, now life is too hard for me, my words say from the bottom of my heart, looking forward to the support of the whole people, to me Can care for my children temporarily may be by food on 1 to 2 week in the future.
I am working everywhere to look after my children, but now I am so hard, I look forward to the sympathy of the supportive community of anybody, help me and my children.
I am so ashamed to appealed such a help, I may lack food, but my children can not.All help will be sent to BTC:3BbbUkD6MCiqGpJYeWmYxTfnvL9VmR3kpy with me current $ 1 extremely valuable. (anybody can check it God bless you all.

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