PANDAMINER B3 PRO (4G) 2050 H/s on BTG $621 Monthly revenue


PANDAMINER B3 PRO (4G) producing staggering 2050 H/s highest profitability monthly profit of 621$. Limited stock available place your order today.

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I couldn’t find any rating of this project here and I doubt that these guys are trustworthy.


This is NOT an ICO, you are searching entirely in a wrong domain.


Whats this???


It’s a bitcoin gold mining machine which generates bitcoin gold and it is making a hefty profit right now


Is it an ASIC machine?


Bitcoin gold is resistant to asics, this is a gpu based machine


This doesnt make any sense

AMD RX470 * 8 = 2050 H/S these numbers don’t add up is most likely a scam


Those are Equihash numbers, not Equihash-BTG


So what’s the honest estimate of the BTG mining revenue, @gshen?