Newbie, made rookie mistake. stuck transaction at 520 confirmations

can anyone advise me how to maybe get some coins that are stuck?

Coins don’t get “stuck.”

If they’re confirmed, they are confirmed - the opposite of stuck.

Now, if there’s an exchange that you sent your coins to and they are still not crediting the coins to your account after 520 confirmation, that’s a different matter entirely - it’s the exchange deciding not to credit your account.

Thank you for your reply! Actually, I can see that over 500 confirmations have been achieved but it has been stuck on that number for over a month. I sent another coin to see if I was able to adjust the price for the miners, but out of the uphold app, you cannot.

The second transaction is stuck on 422 confirmations.

I actually sent 1 BTG, from my wallet in uphold to my btg wallet in the app. It went through no problem. I then sent 4 btg coins as another test, again, no problem. I followed that with sending 42 BTG coins and it has been stuck on 515 confirmations.

I hoped to “push” it through somehow just not knowing much, by sending 1 more coin, but it too has been stuck, this one on 422 confirmations

where your coins stuck?? is not a wallet app; it is a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s not your BTG wallet, it’s’s. But they are expected to credit your exchange account when you make deposited there.

There is no such thing as being “stuck” at this many confirmations.

If you look at those addresses or those Transction IDs in an explorer, you’ll see that blocks keep going by, and the confirmation are growing.

A couple of explorers to try:

The BTG blockchain has never been “stuck.”

What you’re seeing is a page which is “stuck.” The problem is on their accounting/reporting side; you need to work with them to resolve this.