New BTG address

You can generate address in a wallet or use this quick setup:

1. Download this web wallet from its GitHub. (Clone or download > Download ZIP)
2. Disconnect the internet connection.
3. Open the locally downloaded site (double-click index.html).
4. Generate new address: New > Address > Generate
(Save your private key in 2 or more places. If you lose it you’ll be unable to access your funds. And don’t give it to anybody.)
5. Close the browser.
6. Connect to internet.

How do I move my funds from there later?

Also having created a wallet, I decided to check it on the explorer but it was displaying error message. Do I need to fund the wallet first before the explorer would recognise it? Please reply because I don’t want to lose my funds.
Thank you

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I think some of the blockchain explorers don’t show a 0 balance address but however this one can show it anyway:

By the online paper wallet tool, you will get the address and the private key as well (maybe also the RedeemScript if you choose SegWit addresses). You must keep the private key (and the RedeemScript if you have) safely.

When you want to move the coin you received, you can import the private key to a wallet software. The way to import private keys can vary for different wallets. As an example, Bitcoin Gold full node wallet (or so called “Core Wallet”) can be used to recover both regular G-address and SegWit (usually starts with “A”) addresses. You need to use console command “importprivkey” / “importmulti”.

BTW, we are also working on an Electrum fork for Bitcoin Gold, which is far more user friendly to import private keys form paper wallets.


As @h4x3rotab mentioned, most explorers won’t show a wallet address until there are funds in it. Most explorers look through the blockchain to identify what wallets are in use… if there’s no transaction putting funds into that wallet address, it does not appear in the blockchain and the explorer can’t know that you created it.

If a wallet address is funded, and then the funds are moved out, most explorers will show it with a zero balance - because those transactions put the wallet address on the blockchain.

Sometime later, you’ll need to choose some wallet software to use and import those private keys. The private keys give the ability to move those funds.

That’s why you need to keep the private keys, and also why you need to protect them.


Wow! Thanks alot. Responses were quick.

Thanks for the prompt response. I understand it better now.
I was able to use coinomi instead