New BlockChain Moriarty game on Smart Contract

MORIARTY is a game in the form of a psychological experiment, where your greed opposes yourself. The ability to hit the “big jackpot” drives the players crazy. The main thing is to click on the button “Take Winnings”.

A unique game decision is given to you. The game is endowed with human qualities of the famous mathematical genius of the criminal world - Moriarty.

The simple point of the game, which bodes huge winnings.

Game Model is a “Breaking Long-Term Schedule.”

Chart characteristics:

  • simply increasing. Its growth rate is set initially by the condition of the game.
  • at each point (timeframe-day) it shows the percentage of profits that a player receives;
  • the game starts with a profit - 1% per day from the game deposit. By the 8th month from the start, the percentage of profits rises to 8% per day and continues to increase further.
  • the chart breaks, when the amount on the main game account remains less than 10% of the maximum fixed amount (gained on the project);
  • the chart is identical for all players. New players can connect at any time of the gameplay.
  • the player keeps his money in the game, receiving a constant profit. At any time of the game, he can withdraw his earned money and finish the game.
  • the game’s slogan “ALL or NOTHING” directly describes the game principle. The player cannot withdraw his profit in parts. Whether he withdraws all the profits and finishes game, or the chart “breaks” and the player loses his profits and the game deposit.
  • at the end of the round, a new round starts;

Extra features:

  1. In order to avoid fraud from the creators, the entire game balance is converted to the currency ETH and transferred to the game’s smart contract.

  2. Tokenization system.
    When recharging the game balance, the player is credited to the account with game tokens, equivalent to the replenishment amount, which are constantly growing in price due to the connection of new players and recharging of their deposits. 5% of the deposit amount is provided for tokenization.

  3. The referral system is implemented - three-pronged:
    Level 1 - 3% - from the referral deposit
    Level 2 - 2% - from the referral deposit
    Level 3 - 1% - from the referral deposit

  4. The referral profit and profit from tokenization withdraws at any time of the game.

  5. The game decision is implemented through the telegram bot. Thus, the player can play from the web version or from the telegram channel using the telegram bot functionality.

Referral link -

Direct link -

So, it’s a Ponzi scheme, but on smart contract?

Interesting new way to run an old scam.

Hello! Thank you for answer.

Are you an expert in smartcontract? Read it , and try to understand that it’s impossible to make Ponzi scheme on smartcontract. It’s a game

Absolutely false.

Ponzi scheme: a form of fraud which promises high returns, where the profits for earlier investors are actually paid from deposits by later investors.

The game described above:

Earns 1% per day on your deposit (that’s an incredible 365% per year, assuming no compounding).
Also earns referrals for others’ deposits.

The first people to withdraw get their full amount and earnings - where did that money come from? There’s no money-generating business here. So the money must come from the later investors.

As soon as the first withdrawers pull out all the money (theirs plus those high returns), the fund is bankrupt, and all those later investors are screwed - unless new suckers show up who “invest” money.

The new fools pay off the old fools.

This is literally a Ponzi scheme, dressed up like a “game.”

Investors can check all money transfers on etrherscan and see withdraws and deposits of other players. It’s not a casino where you don’t understand a mechanism of the game and hope for luck. You can clearly see what’s goin on in this game and make a decision when deposit or when withdraw your funds.

Every casino jackpot works like a Ponzi scheme. They can pay a jackpot for one player from funds of other players.

So you can easily find a Ponzi scheme everywhere

A casino jackpot doesn’t tell people that they’ve made a deposit that then can withdraw; they know that each “spin” they play is, if the don’t win, a loss. Not a “deposit.”

In your model, if early players withdraw their “deposit” and earnings, and there’s no money left, the other “investors” are stuck in a bankrupt system, unable to withdraw their deposit, never mind their earnings.

Easiest with actual Ponzi schemes.

I agree with your opinion.

But, you can read a description. MORIARTY is a game in the form of a psychological experiment. Anyway, Moriarty as a project has a right to exist.

Fair enough; right to exist, right to use BTG (decentralized - anyone can use it.)

Note that your post has not been taken down, nor has your account been deleted.

But in the marketplace of ideas, the project doesn’t get to exist without comment. This is how the community protects itself.

Incidentally - can people use BTG with this Ponzi game?

Yes, i agree with you!

Using any cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for ETH

The minimum replenishment amount is 0.1 ETH (cryptocurrency - ether).

Hello dear forum users!

We inform you about the social networks of our project:

:crown: Channel Telegram
:crown: Instagram
:crown: Telegram Game Bot @Moriartio_bot

Exciting and profitable game!

Hello dear forum users!

We are glad to inform you about the latest news :crown: MORIARTY

Now every player can deposit funds on his account with:

:small_blue_diamond:Payeer USD, RUB,
:small_blue_diamond:PerfecMoney USD, EUR
:small_blue_diamond:AdvCash USD, EUR, UAH
:small_blue_diamond:Visa/Mastercard RUB
:small_blue_diamond:Visa/Mastercard UAH
:small_blue_diamond:Privat24 UAH
:small_blue_diamond:Sberbank RUB
:small_blue_diamond:Monobank UAH
:small_blue_diamond:Exmo USD, RUB
:small_blue_diamond:Kaspi GOLD KZT
:small_blue_diamond:Banks TRY

How add funds using fiat money:

  1. You need to go to our website.

  2. On the tab, where the game chart is, click on the button “Add funds to deposit” or open the left popup, go to the tab “Wallet” and click on the button “TOP UP WALLET”.

  3. Select “F-Change” as a payment option.

  4. Select a payment method and amount

  5. You will be taken to mechant where you need to fill in the information in all fields

All pleasant and profitable games!

Hello dear forum users!

We are glad to inform you about the latest news :crown: MORIARTY:

:white_check_mark: A full independent audit was conducted for vulnerabilities and backdoors.

Have a nice and profitable game!

Audit fail:

Hello! We closed access to the site from the United States because they have a different cryptocurrency regulation.
Please use VPN to view.

Hello dear forum users!

I hasten to inform the latest news.

Play ♔MORIARTY ♔ is now possible on phones. The game for the Android platform is available for download on the main page of the project.

Have a nice and profitable game!

Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.

Hello dear forum users!
I hasten to inform the latest news ♔MORIARTY♔.

:white_check_mark: A full review of the project’s smart contract: a detailed analysis of the code and functionality for hidden backdoors and vulnerabilities.

Have a nice and profitable game!
Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.

Hello dear forum users!
We are in a hurry to inform you about the latest news ♔MORIARTY

:white_check_mark: Launching the beta version of the CrashLine mini-game inside the platform.
You can learn the game algorithm in a demo mode for conditional money. In the near future there will be an official launch of the game in Ethereum currency.

Have a nice and profitable game!
Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.

Hello dear forum users!

♔ The first round is over ♔
Welcome to the next round.

The contract was successfully closed in that hash of transaction - 0xc9086161856c6dd0fc30ec14defc85d359760e9afc51617036f5239a150e4151.

23.19 ETH of residual funds (10% of the maximum amount of deposits, according to the rules of the project) was sent to the original account.

The contract ended much faster than we expected. This is due to the panic over the last day - the largest output was made by the player with the address 0x452869b8bcee11d3bd69fc0f09f4b08b9ec8e100 which brought 12 ETH in this transaction: 0x44a3266e168e065e255d4fdcebbebfebfebf1e.

Congratulations to the winners.

Unfortunately, many players didn’t make funds withdrawal, such was the risk - “All or Nothing.”

… …

We’re glad to announce the second round of the project that’ll launch soon.

We understood that the first round was limited in time and might close at any time, so we began to think about the concept of the new game.

We took into account your advice and recommendations for improving the project, and we’ve made the next innovations for no such risk in the second round:
:white_check_mark: Ability to withdraw the profit at any time of game;
:white_check_mark: No combustion of the deposit body;
:white_check_mark: New graphics dynamics developed

Also we added some pleasant surprises in the game mode!

Follow the news and wait for the start!
Respectfully, Moriarty’s team.

Hello dear forum users!
We are in a hurry to inform you about the launch of the second round of the project ♔ M.O.R.I.A.R.T.Y II

Schedule Properties:

  1. The interest rate growth starts from 0.5% per day;
  2. Schedule’s growth is divided into ranges. Each range is 0.1%;
  3. The time interval of the range is 1 week (7 days). That is, the chart gives an increase of 0.1% in 7 days.

Taking into account the response of the first round audience we made qualitative changes to the game model, thereby reducing the passion and increasing the reliability and duration of the game.

We have developed a model, which development will directly depends on the game bank and the growth rate of gaming investments.

We created the concept “range” in the game and give it temporary properties and dependence on the influx of deposits.

The dependence of deposits percentage range is in the table:

Ad infinitum.

I will give an example for clarity:

Take the range of 6 weeks, where the chart gives 1% per day. Every day the percentage is growing. After 7 days (a week) the percentage reaches 1.1% per day. Then the smart contract reads the weekly deposits increase in the game (for this week it should exceed 15.1875 ETN). And here are two outcomes:

  1. The weekly turnover has not been completed and schedule get back to the initial percentage in the range of 1% and starts to grow again to 1.1%. And so it’ll be repeated until the turnover of deposits for a given week of the range exceeds 15.1875 ETH.
  2. The weekly turnover amounted to 15.1875 ETH and the game moves to the next growth range of 1.1%-1.2%, where the turnover should be 22.78125 ETH.


  • even if in the 6th week of the range it entered not 15.1875 ETHs, but 100 ETHs, it’s only taken into account that the conditions of the 6th week are fulfilled and the transition goes to the 7th week. It is impossible to skip the ranges.

  • if the turnover isn’t completed, the percentage falls on the initial percentage in the range, but not at the very beginning of the game.


  • The game ends when the less than 15% of the maximum balance remains on the contract (in the register). The remaining 15% is our earnings;
  • The counting formula for the maximum balance has been changed. Now it’ll not summarize all deposits and reinvests, but really fix the maximum amount that is formed in the register. Therefore, we reduce the number of max balance and extend the gameplay;
  • The deposits body doesn’t burn. The game is considered over when the player withdraws the deposits body. In order to avoid speculative actions with input and output as well as to deter players we set a commission to withdraw the body. The commission in the first 30 days after making a deposit is 10%, then 5%;
  • Added the ability to reinvest profits;
  • Profit and referrals withdrawal without commission;
  • 4 levels referral program. 1 level - 4%, 2 level - 3%, 3 level - 2%, 4 level - 1%. Also there is ability to connect another 5th referral level. It is registered in the contract and equals 0%.

Game site -

Have a nice and profitable game!
Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.

♔ MORIARTY II ♔ Update

Hello dear forum users!

A new update is being released in the Moriarty project, which affects not only the design, but also the security and convenience of the whole project. Also there have been realized a whole internal “eco-system” of Ethereum cryptocurrency in that update.

Due to this, each player will have a more extensive investor functionality. The openness of the project will become even more convenient and the game dynamics and cash movements of players can be tracked directly in the project and in your own personal account.

This release untie the hands for the introduction and adaptation of new games, based on the already known “CrashLine”. The line between the main project and the mini games will become more flexible. And new types of games and lotteries await all participants in future updates.

Also the Ethereum-based Eco-System will allow all players and in particular daily reinvestment fans to save on commissions on the Etherscan network, which will make it possible to raise Xs more actively than before.

And the main breakthrough is the complete independence of the project from a number of external Ethereum factors. The code written by experts becomes easier to understand, which gives Moriarty great potential for developing and integrating more and more new features directly online.

We also didn’t ignore the project design. In particular, there were added some elements which will increase usability and give the game additional dynamics.

And in conclusion: they say the best is the enemy of the good. In fact, the “best” and the “good” are two sides of the same coin. And it’s name - “Moriarty”.

Have a nice and profitable game!
Sincerely, Moriarty’s team.