Need help to sweep paper wallet

Have a paper wallet which I think we’ve had since the fork.

Now want to sweep it but none of the methods I’ve managed to find in Google have worked :frowning:

The closest I’ve got is to be told that the private key is empty.

Can anybody help? Please?

I hope you got the answers you needed in the conversations on Discord - but I’ll ask you to come back here and post what your problem/solution was for others to find, later.


Yes - thanks - I got lots of good guidance over on Discord - which seems to be more lively than the forum here at the moment.

In the end the solution was simple - download the BTG Core Wallet V0.17 found here -

When I first launched the core wallet software I wasn’t getting any connections. I don’t know if, in the default configuration, the software would have eventually found some nodes and connected to them but I was fortunate to stumble on a downloadable list of nodes at and once I’d downloaded that, added the content to the bitcoingold.conf file in the Core Wallet’s data folder and restarted the software, connections were established and the wheels were in motion :slightly_smiling_face:

Took a couple of days for the entire blockchain to be downloaded to my laptop - which I’ve since learned might have been quicker if I’d installed the software on the internal hard drive rather than an external USB3 drive - but it’s a learning experience I’ve enjoyed.

Next I imported the private key from my paper wallet into the BTG core wallet thus:

  • Select Debug window from the Help menu

  • Select the Console tab (which gives you access to a Command Line type console where you can issue typed commands)

  • Type the following command into the Console and hit Enter / Carriage Return:

importprivkey “privkey” ( “label” )

(Replace privkey with the private key on your paper wallet.)

label, I guessed, can be anything you want. I simply used the word Paper so it was obvious later, when I saw the transactions arising from the wallet sweep in the main display area, that they had come from the Paper wallet.

Then it was just a case of sending the BTG retrieved from the paper wallet into the Core Wallet on to my hardware cold wallet, tucking it away nicely offline :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies for my cumbersome explanation but all of this side of the BTG world is completely new to me :blush:

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