Victims of MYBTGWALLET Scam can post here.


Not sure if I’m a victim of MYBTGWALLET scam, but anyway…
I had ~0.5 BTC in a Mycelium wallet at the time of BTG fork.
After emptying the wallet, I’ve used the 12 words mnemonic phrase, to check my balance of BTG on the official page (
After it scanned the blockchain, some fund showed up, but I did not recover them at the time.

After a while I installed Coinomi on my mobile phone and tried to recover the funds using the mnemonic phrase.
BTG balance is 0. :neutral_face:

Any suggestions? (Ledger Nano S is on its way to me).


Did you use the 12 words phrase (menmonic) to recover your wallet from coinomi and worked? AFAIK you can not use directly the 12 words mnemonic on COINOMI. Just find your private keys and add them into your wallet.
Check the corresponding BTG addresses for your BTC addresses to check for funds from the explorer and add them into your wallet ( I recommend using a BTG full node instead of any 3rd party software).
Even if your BTG is gone, you should be able to see all the transactions once you import the private keys.

Hope it helps.


Max, you don’t use the mnemonics or private keys to check a balance; those are for granting control over your wallet.

You should use your public wallet address only, and you can check any public wallet balance through multiple sites which are called blockchain Explorers. We have a few Explorers listed on our home page. Any of those will work.

I like BTG EXPLORER in situations like this because it will let you enter a BTG address or a pre-fork BTC wallet address and show you the current balance on the BTG chain. This is easy and uses only public wallet addresses.

I believe @Concorde is right that you can’t use the mnemonic from Mycelium to import into Coinomi. Those are for restoring Mycelium on another device. To control those funds on Coinomi, I believe you need to export the private keys from Mycelium, and then let Coinomi sweep those funds into a new wallet.

Mycellium support should be able to assist you with the export, and Coinomi support with the sweep. If you wish to do this on your own, you might search on Mycelium for phrases like “Secret Sharing” and “Mycelium Entropy Shared Secret Reassembly.”


Also, to be clear, if you entered your mnemonic on the Bitcoin Gold site somewhere, you would not be affected by the “MYBTGWALLET” scam. Only people who went to the external mybtgwallet website and entered their mnemonics out there were affected.


@Concorde Thank you for your reply.
@MentalNomad I think I clicked the link to the external site (from BTG official site).

I tried to recover funds with my seed, after reading Coinomi support:

“…you can either normally send your Coins to newly-created Coinomi wallets for each coin, or, directly import the seed (phrase) of your current wallet into Coinomi. To do this…” (they support Mycelium).

I’ll try to do as you both advised, and use the private keys.
Thank you for your replies.


Is there any update about the mybtgwallet scam? I had 12.14 BTC stolen so the guy still has a program running to sweep wallets.

I was able to track my BTC to this address here:

Not much I can do, and I’l likely never get them back. Still sucks that I didn’t just use a new wallet to transfer funds. An expensive lesson learned.


There is a foundation for people scammed by MYBTGwallet. It is getting regulated as we speak.


There a website I can go to so that I can be included in it?

Thanks for the response I do appreciate it.


For the moment you are welcome to join our Slack. There you will meet the members of the Supervisor Board of the foundation that will help you to join.Thanks.


Thank you!!! Very much appreciated.


Hello, checked with BTG EXPLORER, as recommended, and found that the BTG addresses summing ~0.5 BTG were indeed emptied and I’m a victim of this particular scam.
These are the 2 Wallet addresses(from Mycelium) that had BTG stolen from them:


Help me find my missing BTG please !

11-09-2017 : BTC transferred From Coinbase to Ledger Nano S

13iRyiqRemU9WTW8Vnk8oYi7NjZMdgRQBf - out

0.03430135 BTC to
1MqK5S6qWrTBd5t8bU4EBTy11CtvQ2ZeK1 (spent)

0.38418085 BTC to
13iRyiqRemU9WTW8Vnk8oYi7NjZMdgRQBf (spent)

My BTC has been stored on my Nano Ledger S since 11-09-2017 .

2 things happened close to the date of the BTG fork.

  1. I transferred my BTC from the Legacy BTC chain to the Segwit BTC chain
    within my Nano ledger S based on a recommendation from Ledger nano S.

  2. On a few days before the BTG fork there was a
    countdown clock thing that said to check your BTC balance here and I did.
    If i’m not mistaken I entered my BTC recieve address in that box.

Since the BTG fork I have followed Ledger Nano S instructions to the letter.
I have checked Legacy and Segwit and Have not received my BTG.
I have not bought, sold or transferred any BTC since the fork.
The instructions per Ledger Nano S are here :

I am not a techno geek, just a regular guy.
I am NOT trying to game anyone, have no idea how to do so.
I simply want what was promised.
I will do my best to provide you with anything you ask for to validate what I am claiming.

Thank you in advance, Glen Russell

Help me find my missing BTG please!

If you entered your BTC public wallet address (your receiving address) anywhere, then you were not at any risk from the MYBTGWALLET site scam. It’s safe to share your wallet address.

The MYBTGWALLET site scam relies on people putting their private keys online, which is not safe to do because the private keys grant the power to control your wallet.

Note also that even if you entered your BTC private keys on the home page in the “Balance Checker,” you are at no risk. The “Balance Checker” on our page was hosted locally and didn’t do anything with text that was entered there, unless it was a BTC address.

The risk and scam only begin if you went to the external mybtgwallet website and gave that site your private keys. It sounds like you didn’t do that; if that’s true, then your situation is unrelated to this scam.


Note that I’ve also opened a separate discussion regarding your question, since it appears unrelated to this Topic.

But it boils down to this… in your original text, you said:

If you held your BTC on Coinbase on 11-24-2017 at the time of the fork, then we know where your BTG is. Coinbase has it.


You are right MentalNomad, that is exactly what I did, when bitcoin gold was launched.
Thank you for pointing it so clearly.

Best regards.


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