My asic experience so far "z9 mini"

quick intro ,
I am no new to cryptocurrencies but only started mining since 1.5 year ago, I choose zcash for its tech and the algorithm works good with my nvidia cards ( I am a graphics designer ) .
never liked asics and never will.
but after z9 was introduced , I got curious why people manufacture them ? whats the good things about them and why people buy them . and after reading all the ridiculous debate on asics vs gpu and all the BS claims by asic fanboys . I decided to jump in . and I wish I didn’t .

Here is my experience with z9 mini so far.

I ordered first batch 1 z9 mini costed me around 2800 USD with taxes psu and shipping.
and when price dropped to 850 USD on next batch I had no choice but to buy 2 of them to average out the loss, total cost including taxes and psu and shipping for second batch was 2300 USD.

thats total of 5100 USD

I mined zcash with it since I received first batch till today .

total mined zcash 11 zcash , worth today 1375 USD

current zcash income from all 3 asics 0.075 zcash daily which is around 2.25 zcash monthly
I only overclocked them to 12k because of the noise .

assuming difficulty doesn’t go higher and price is stable . I need another 14 months just to break even .

if any one has a question I will happily answer what I can .

and for the BTG team , RESPECT ! .
I read many claims like btg is a sh*t coin from other coin fan boys but after what I saw what other teams ie zcash , zen …etc did when asics introduced they were all full of it .

please don’t allow asics to take over ever.

yours, a new BTG fan .

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I’m very sorry to hear about your negative experience with the ASIC miners - you highlight some of the big problems with ASICs.

GPU makers can not screw around with pricing to get the maximum from miners, because miners are only a small fraction of their revenues - most GPUs are purchased to power computer displays.

On your revenues - are those calculations after the cost of power? (I hope so - if no, it will take even longer to break even. :frowning: )

We’ll always be dedicated to keeping BTG mining on GPUs.

People all over the world can start mining with their existing GPUs, if they want to (no purchase necessary). Anyone who wants to be a more serious miner can buy more GPUs anywhere computers are sold. This keeps mining decentralized and fair.


nope , unfortunately electricity is not calculated .
thats how bad asics are . and I am guessing it will be a door stopper in less than 7 months .