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MintDice is adding Bitcoin Gold support very soon! Happy to be a part of this community.


Please inform us AFTER btg support has been added.


Looking forward to it - you’ll get a much warmer reception, then!

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What are your plans? For example, I would make it round-the-clock, if this is so, then the circle of visitors to the yforum will increase, I think not by much, but there will be an increase)

The best BTC casino I’ve seen in years is the syndicate casino. As for the live casino games, I think that the one and probably only option is Baccarat. If you dig the Web a bit you’ll find a dozen of good ones, no doubt here. I can recommend an additional blog and casinos, could be useful to the TS as well, if he guesses how

are casinos still relevant in 2019? It seems to me like bets, a waste of money.

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Probably I’ll be buried alive for this here but the same could be applied to BTC trading mining and other dwarfs’ stuff

It’s good that this is not the way in which scammers mine using viruses. This is wild as for me.

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Dude. It’s wild to mine in 2019 even in 2017 at all. Even if you posses a computing power backed by sun’s energy you wont outmine Chinese. And to put it simple profit is pretty much imposible now for miners to gain profits. The miricale of BTC in 2012-2016 is unique and won’t hepen again.

So your suggestion is to LOSE everything we’ve mined, in an online casino?
Lookie here, lady, friends of mine used to program the amount of money, in percentages, a certain casino-game, can give back.
Actually all countries running casinos, have laws that limit this ammount, so it’s the DUMBEST move EVER, to try and get rich quick, by playing in a casino.
Better mine & wait for the blockchain technology to be widely implemented.
Prices will invariably rise, as institutional adoption grows, and that’s the game.

Trading, yes.
Other dwarf’s stuff, right.
Using your own mining hardware, to mine, NOT bots/scripts, for the purpose of mining… I strongly disagree. :expressionless:

In 2017, BTC jumped fibonacci-style, from a low of ~$1,300, to a high of ~$22,000.
A lala money have been made & lost, by trader bots, in the online-casino industry.

On the other hand, you can mine BTG with a graphics card you already own. You can know if you’re making a profit on mining relative to you power costs immediately.

They are absolutely bets. That’s what casinos are for.

If you enjoy gambling, you can use a casino. If not, don’t. Casinos always cost money in the long run. So do movies, restaurants, and shows. If you get enjoyment from it, it can be worth it for you.

If you don’t enjoy gambling, don’t do it. (And never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.)

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On the one hand, you are right, if someone lacks excitement, let him play in a casino, but is it really good excitement? Although everyone has their own answer to this question

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I totally agree with MentalNomad here:
NEVER gamble money, you CAN’T afford to LOSE.

Well, because if you have extra money, then why play, if you can direct them to charity, a shelter, or the like. It will be much better. I think.

‘why play’??

Well, for bragging rights, in the hopes that word-of-mouth will be: “he’s a whale”, and then get to have even more ladies, than 1(zero). ;))

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