Migrate Core wallet to alternative PC?

Having installed and brought a BTG Core wallet up to date on a USB3 hard drive, can I take that drive, connect it to a different PC and run the wallet from there?

This would be preferable to having to download the entire blockchain again on a fresh install on the different PC :pray:.

Yes, you can copy the synced data files to another computer and they will work.

Be CAREFUL to shut down the wallet at the old & new locations, etc. If you pull a USB drive while a node is live, data corruption is likely, and then the node will need to re-sync.

If you have space for it, making a backup copy of the data isn’t a bad idea, either. If you have a corruption problem or drive failure, a backup copy will let you get back up and running much more quickly, even if you have to sync several months of “latest” data to get current.