Masternode for Bitcoin Gold

Good day, developers. Did you have the idea of adding technology masternode for Bitcoin Gold? I and several of my partners are willing to support the network in this way. What you think?

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Masternodes are basically a scam that lets the rich get richer without taking any risk, and it doesn’t add any security or decentralization benefits. We are more interested in integrating BTG with Lightning Network. If you and your partners would like to work with us on Lightning, we would be happy to discuss.

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How can we help? We will be glad.


Would you be able to set up an experimental BTC Lightning Network node for us? This would help us to prepare for LN integration into BTG and will open more opportunities.

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Please email me a detailed guide on what I need to do to help your network evolve. [MODERATOR: public email address removed]. Just remember that I’m not a high-level programmer. And I’m from Russia and do not speak English well.

I never received a message from you.

It’s been sent. Thank you!

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Is this available online somewhere? Maybe others would like to help with testing the LN.