Mac OSX Wallet 0.15.1

This wallet had been working properly on my Mac. After the fork apparently, Kaspersky detected some type of trojan in this file and deleted from my system. I had still can look at the .pkg file and some contents.

The 0.15.1 version now says it is incompatible with my Mac. Can anybody please tell me where I MIGHT find my public and private keys on my mac or anyway to potentially recover them?

Your keys will be in the wallet.dat file…

Antivirus false alerts are common with mining software. (Because some malicious people install them on other people’s machines without their knowledge.)

I find it’s usually necessary to temporarily disable AV software to install a miner, and then I need to white-list the file when I re-enable the AV software.

If you didn’t backup the wallet.dat file, the coins are gone. Unless you stored the private keys somewhere.

I can’t even reinstall this version. I get this error:

You can’t open the application “Bitcoin Gold” because it may be damaged or incomplete.

Or it would be restored.

Maybe you should check the checksum of the downloaded file. I can launch the core wallet (v0.15.1 for mac) without any issue.

I find this unlikely. Kastpersky would target only the executable, not the other related files - there’s no reason for it to flag or delete the wallet.dat file.

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I get this error when I try to install on my Mac

The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items.

Anyone have a fix?

It used to launch. Now it doesn’t. I have no idea how to check the checksum of the file. The first time I loaded the same file - it worked. The second time it did not.

Somehow after disabling Kaspersky for BTG client and reinstalling - I found my BTG.

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In the blockchain space, we need to stay aware that many Antivirus programs produce false alerts on legitimate crypto software.

Sadly, the false alerts make people less safe, because it’s harder for less experienced people to differentiate the good from the bad.