Lost BTG after pool migrated from https://mine.pool.gold/ to http://new.pool.gold/

I lost my BTG after pool domain transfer from https://mine.pool.gold/ to http://new.pool.gold/. I had 0.50174493 BTG as shown in image before migrating the pool.


But after migrating the pool i have a less BTG.(Current paid 0.107639569832 BTG)

It has been told that “balances will be migrated to the new system after we redirect 100% of the traffic(Planned to jan 25, 2018)” as seen in above image.
But today is jan 27, 2018 and my paid balance is still less. It looks me as a scam.
is this happing to other miner also?

could somebody explain why my paid balance is less.

My address [GbzJMhP46m1oBYgbt3XEm8B2cN6hDfCFWu] for copy paste

So, before the migration, you had 0.50174493, based on your screenshot.

The prior and current add up to about .609…

It looks to me like a reporting discrepancy.

Here’s what I see in your wallet now:


The balances will be added to the new data base soon enough. I have contacted the devs.

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thanks for answer Mr. MentalNomad and Mr. Martin.

I am still new to BTG. can you explain how can i send BTG to other BTG address.

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Hello yaqmaki, it is very simple to do this. All that you need is a wallet that supports BTG. Some popular ones are Coinomi(android), Exodus wallet(Windows) and Freewallet(IOS,Web,Android). This will allow you to send to another wallet and also and receive from another wallet address.

from what i read a while back, freewallet has a lot of haters out there, I dont know the reason why but it is not considered safe by a lot of people. coinomi works good.

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Buggy software, stuff like if you put more than 6~7 decimals, then the transaction will be in waiting state, until you contact them. But they do struggle, I’ll give them that.

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I tried it once for eos it took a while to appear … I had my breath held till it showed … Then I didn’t use again coz the reviews weren’t good… and I didn’t dig deep…

Yes, freewallet kinda’ does that. Glad it worked out for you that time.