Looking for BTG smartfee Public API

Hello, I am looking for a Public API to get the estimatefee for Bitcoin Gold. I’ve found only 1 source, but it doesn’t seem to return reliable value, which haven’t changed at all for the past 2-3 weeks -


Is there any other provider that I can use? Best!

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Hi dmydlarz,

Welcome to Bitcoin Gold family!

The link you have is correct. The explorer is hosted by the BTG Organization and we keep it up to date. The data you see from the api is valid and can be used in production apps.

To quote our head dev:

Usually 1sat/byte is a reasonable fee for BTG as our blocks are seldom full.
The API estimatefee from Core wallet is also usable

Your second option however implies that you have running local BTG node from which to access the estimatefee data.


@Zhivko is exactly right, @dmydlarz. It’s hard to believe, but the fee really is that low.

Bear in mind that BTG supports SegWit, so with our 1 MB base block size, we can support weights close to 4 MB between the base block and the SegWIt block space. We very rarely see block size go anywhere near those limits (except for periods where a large organization is programmatically cleaning up old dust.)

The only thing I’ll add - the estimatefee call is for Core Wallet v0.15. The new core wallet, v0.17.1 (coming out as Release Candidate) deprecated that command, and you’ll need to use estimatesmartfee. But it gives the same result you’re getting from the API. Here they are, right now:

However, as @h4x3rotab noted, you can usually set the minimum 1 sat per Byte, 0.00000001 BTG (or 1000 sat per Kbyte- 0.00001 BTG) and the transaction will nearly always go through in the very next block.


For funsies, I just sent 0.0000054 BTG with a fee of .0001 BTG/kB - which amounted to 0.00000221 BTG.

At current prices:

0.0000054 BTG

0.00000221 BTG

Total spent:
0.00000761 BTG

I can do this 251 times before I spend a total of one penny ($0.01) in fees.

Here’s the transaction, it got confirmed!


(Click the image to see it in the Explorer.)


Ok, thanks for that distinguish about commands I use :slight_smile:

@MentalNomad is there similar service for testnet?

Service? Do you mean an explorer? If so, yes:


More resources here:
BTG Testnet v3

And general Developer info here:
Bitcoin Gold Developer Portal

I’ve meant similar API but for testnet to get the estimatefeerate



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