Looking for Bit Core developer

Hello, this is my first time posting. I am looking for Bit core developers. We are building a stock exchange where investors could buy stocks with bitcoin. We are looking to run full node. Can you please help.

Thank you

[email protected]

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You do realise, you’ve posted in the thread:
Development -> “Looking for Bit Core developer”
And if I visit your site, someone will ask me “how can I help you?”
Lady, I thought YOU were looking for a blockchain developer, but it turns out, all you needed was some more money. What a dud.
Try posting modelling commercials in another, more suitable, thread.

Is advertising allowed on this site? It seems to me that no, here are the resources for acquaintance, please, but the advertising, I do not know … Maybe I’m wrong)

Sure it is.
They even have special threads for that, named “3rd Party Services”, or “Announcements”, or even “Uncategorized”, but some people disregard everything, and just post their advertisment, anywhere they’re able to post it first, assuming Admins will cleanup their mess, nevermind… :frowning:

And thanks again), it’s just that my fears are justified by the fact that, sitting on other forums, I threw links that are relevant in a particular topic, and without warning received a ban immediately.

Maybe it had to do with the links you “throw.”

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