lolMiner 0.6 - alpha preview is available (1080ti: 89sol/s, 1080: 54 sol/s, Vega 64: 44sol/s)

Hi folks,

I recently released lolMiner 0.5 which is a Equihash 144/5, 192/7, 96/5 and 210/9 miner for AMD GPUs based on OpenCL.

You can download it here:
Click me (0.5 Linux)
Click me (0.5 Windows)

0.6 Alpha Branch:

For mining BTG the standard line to start the miner from CMD looks like
Linux: ./lolMiner --coin BTG --pool --port --user --pass
Windows: lolMiner.exe --coin BTG --pool --port --user --pass

For more options please read the lolMiner_manual.pdf shipped with the miner. lolMiner 0.5 supports fail-over pools, configuration files (easy sharing between Rigs and easy switching between coins), automatic worker names, a simple statistics reading API, logging to text file and many more features.

Performance (0.5) :
Current tests for 144/5 on some AMD cards:
RX Vega 64: ~38 sol/s
RX 580: ~25 sol/s
RX 560: ~12.5 sol/s
(These benchmarks were half hour averages)

Performance (0.6 alpha) :
Current tests for 144/5 on some AMD cards:
RX Vega 64: ~44 sol/s
RX 580: ~28 sol/s
R9 390x: ~33 sol/s
R9 290x: ~24 sol/s

On Nvidia cards:
1080ti: 89 sol/s
1080: 53-56 sol/s
1070: 42-45 sol/s


The official support thread for this miner is on bitcointalk but I will also have a look here from time to time to pick up questions, wishes and so on. Every feedback appreciated.

Have fun mining!


Fabulous work, @Lolliedieb, which helps fill in a weak area in the mining space. There are few options for AMD miners when it comes to 144/5, so all the projects that have adopted 144/5 are deeply appreciative of your hard work and excellent miners.

Hi Miners,

I just want to know that you can help me actively making lolMiner 0.6 a better product. How?
Well I just put a github page online with a first version of the new miner.

Changes are (so far):

  • removed all algorithms except Equihash 144/5 (for the others the new codes are not yet ready)
  • Put in a new faster mining code that also reduces the memory demand (approx 1850 MB now)
  • Updated the API to make it work better with mining OSes and other watchdogs

Estimated speeds:
RX 580: 27-28 sol/s (my own test machine)
R9 390x: 33-34 sol/s (user feedback)
R9 290x: 25 sol/s (user feedback)

GTX 1080ti: 89 sol/s (user feedback)
GTX 1080: 53-56 sol/s (my own test machine)
GTX 1070: 42 sol/s (my own test machine, 70%PT)

How you can help:
Just test it out and report bugs to the github issues tracker.

You can find the repository here:

The releases are here:

I will release new versions of this alpha build every few days in the next weeks. I plan to do a new host side back end for mining that should get rid of the instabilities and too high CPU load on some machines.

Happy mining!


Hey… Does this mean AMD cards with 3GB memory can mine BTG? Sweet!

Yes, but partially this was possible before.

The older AMD cards (GCN 1) allowed only to use about 75% of the available for compute, while the newer allow 100% when no screen is attached.
That especially was valid for the Tahiti cards (R9 280x) - they allowed to use ~2304 MB out of the avail 3072 MB only. They now work, but also some newer 2G cards, e.g. RX 460 2G

So we have:
GCN 1, 2G Cards (e.g. R7 265) : Can not mine BTG yet
GCN 2 or newer, 2G Card (e.g. RX 460 2G): Mines BTG with lolMiner 0.6 and no screen attached
GCN 1, 3G Cards (e.g. R9 280x): Mines BTG with lolMiner 0.6 with and without screen, do not work with lolMiner 0.5
GCN 2 or newer, 3G+ card: Mines BTG with lolMiner 0.5 and newer, but 0.6 is likely faster.

Hope that clears your question :slight_smile:

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It does. It’s great to have this info out there for folks; thanks.


thank you for your presence.

I will test it and share it with here && korea community. \

Thank you.

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I have old tahiti gpu 7950, its work on lol 0.6?

In the future, whats my old gpu (asus 7950) still can mine btg? It just has 3 gb memory, i have’n money to buy gtx 1080 ti. How many and minimum memory must be have an gpu to mine btg…now and for future?

I have to admit I did not test that yet, but in theory a 7950 should work with lolMiner 0.6 alpha. But I can not say yet at what performance.

I can later try the offline compiler to check if the code compiles for that machine. If yes it should work. i used 0.5, and work well. we will wait your test with old gpu, i guess…its better if you can optimizer our old gpu such as small memori gpu or made a lol with suport old gpu, because we know…still much user use their old gpu, its mean many people participate mine and the distributed coin can be globaly (ii take a btcz campain : every people in the world can have 1 btcz… in this comunity/btg … may be hapen).

hi lol,
i was download and try lol 0.6 and work well, i would like to say thank you
in 0.5 i had 15-16 has at my amd asus 7950
now 0.6 i had 19.9 - 20.0/21/22 sol/s stable at 19.9 - 20 sol/s

great job

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hi lol,…
i like with interface of lol 0.6 ,its simple, i m using amd gpu, n there isnt gpu fan n temp information, is on nvidia gpu just the same? its better if you give information of gpu fan and gpu temperature.

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is it possible to set lolminer to have target, overheat, & shutdown temperatures, and optimize/set/automate fan speeds, voltages, etc., like some other miners do?
This was a request from a community menber