List of Pools Supporting Equihash-BTG

Pools seen to be working properly after the the Network Upgrade hardfork for Equihash-BTG:

Note: we are not currently adding pools that appear to support BTG post-fork, but which are reporting zero hashrate.


If you operate a pool which is compatible post-Upgrade, but is not listed here, LET US KNOW!

Link back to all services.


Any member of the community who has seen a notice of support for the BTG upgrade from a Partner not listed here, please let us know so that we can keep our lists up-to-date.

The Community has more eyes than we do.

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List updated; MinerGate will not be natively supporting mining with their miner until next week:

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Hello, I am new here but have mined BTG before over on the 2Miners pool. I tried to go back there today to mine but keep getting dissallowed/low difficulty rejection and disconnection.
Do I need to do something on my mining rig and is 2Miners the best pool to use in the USA?

Thank you for any help

We can’t speak to what pool is “the best” in any place - but you certainly need to make changes to mine after the Upgrade. You need new software, and need to mine with a pool that supports the new software.

We have a list of known mining software that support the new algo here:

Each mining pool will have specific instruction on the appropriate settings for their pool.

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Note: added Coinotron.

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Does anyone know how long it takes for the shares to be confirmed at 2miners pool?

Are you asking about immature coins? Or about mining shares?

Your mining shares should be confirmed as accepted within seconds (or rejected.)

How your pool values your shares depends on the pool’s payout model - PPLNS, PPLNT, PPS, etc.

Once you’ve earned a share of profits from a mined block, the standard is that newly mined coins must age 100 blocks before they are mature and spendable - so that’s what you should expect if a pool is paying you directly from the mined coins.

An established & well-funded pool may choose to pay you your share of earnings sooner than that, out of their own funds - and will replenish their funds when the mined coins mature. Not all pools can or will do this, and their payment policy will be at their own discretion. Generally, if they do this, they will also be charging you a higher fee.

It was the “Unconfirmed Balance” section on 2 miners, it was Unconfirmed for so much longer then on MPH, but now it has started to be confirmed and paid out, so then it’s ok :slight_smile:


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