List of Miners Supporting Equihash-BTG


Here’s a list of mining software whose makers have confirmed to us that they’re able to support the Network Upgrade after the hardfork for Equihash-BTG:

Miner Platform Notes
AIOminer AMD & NVIDIA (NVIDIA now, AMD soon) Published and available: AIOminer
bminer NVIDIA coming soon
EWBF NVIDIA Published and available: EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner
Funakoshi miner NVIDIA Published and available: Funakoshi-Miner
lolMiner AMD & NVIDIA Published and available: Bitcointalk / BTG Forum(old)
nheqminer NVIDIA Early Reference/Development miner, non-optimzed. Bitcoin Gold Mining Tools

If the miner requires manually setting the Personalization string, use BgoldPoW. Example:

--pers BgoldPoW


If you are a miner maker who is compatible with the Upgrade, but whose miner is not listed here, LET US KNOW!

Link back to all services ready for the Upgrade.

Hardfork network upgrade progress
Pls Help to Config
Mining software download - lolMiner, EWBF
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Note: supported miner list above is updated with AMD support:

List of Pools Supporting Equihash-BTG

Added AIOminer, for AMD & NVIDIA - a great solution for beginners.

Note: AIOminer doesn’t specifically support Equihash-BTG on AMD at the moment, but it is slated to be added very soon. It does support AMD on multiple other algos/coins.



Please add GMiner to miner list.
This is CUDA Linux/Windows miner that supports Equihash 144,5 algorithm.

Best Regards.


Thank you for this ! I will test it before posting.
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