List of Exchanges Ready for the Network Upgrade

Here’s a list of Exchanges (full market & retail) who have confirmed to us that they’re able to support the Network Upgrade hardfork for Equihash-BTG:

If you represent an Exchange which supports the Upgrade, but is not listed here, LET US KNOW!

Link back to all services ready for the Upgrade.


Any thing about bitfinex?

We’ve contacted Bitfinex in a variety of ways, but have not received a positive confirmation.

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Update! It looks like they are going to support our upgrade.
Hope this helps

Any member of the community who has seen a notice of support for the BTG upgrade from a Partner not listed here, please let us know so that we can keep our lists up-to-date.

The Community has more eyes than we do.

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How about Bithumb? Are they willing to support coming hardfork?

We have contacted them in several ways. They have not informed us one way or the other, but they have no obligation to tell us… there are many places that never responded to our information messages, but which have publicly indicated that they’re ready for the hardfork.

Bithumb has yet to make a public statement that we’ve seen.

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OK, we have some news from Bitsum; they’re working on it or else are supporting now:

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i am saving my BTG coin in my own BTG wallet (Bitcoin Gold version v0.15.1 (64-bit)) , should i move them to exchange wallet to avoid issues ?

No - for most investors/savers, if you’re careful with your private key & computer, your BTG is safest in your own custody. Someone who is very wealthy and holds a very large amount might be safer using a professional custodian.

BTG should only be kept on exchanges if you intend to trade it. Exchanges are targets for fraud and theft because they hold large amounts of funds and move them constantly, and Exchanges are businesses which can go bankrupt - either of which can mean you lose your funds.

The Network Upgrade was completely successful and was over a month ago - it has caused no problems for anyone who upgraded their software.

Aaaah, glad to hear that:grinning: , thank you MentalNomad