List of Exchange Markets


Abucoin was removed and totals adjusted - looks like the exchange has ceased all activity, although their site is still up.


Added Lykke (USD and BTC)
Added (BTC) - need country & confirmation of any other market pairings


Good day to all!
the network update occurred but the Bitrex exchange does not hasten to unfreeze BTG with what it is connected?
the status of waiting for information from the developers, please tell me with what it is connected and when everything will work?


I use Bittrex for Bitcoin Gold without a problem.


your wallet is working ok ?


My Bittrex wallet seems to be fine.


thx for the info will pass it to discord chat if others can confirm that as well


Are you able to deposit and withdraw BTG from Bittrex?


the Bitrex wallet is still running in emergency mode … it’s unclear for what reason


I still can not replenish or withdraw my BTG from the Bitrex exchange


hey bro,
please add that


I have seen the BTG is one of the best coin beacuse I never Seen Any coin wich listed almost all Big platform listed like BTG.


dear developers … why is still not working output and input of funds to the Bitrex purse … we have problems?


Bittrex exchange offers Crypto trading services, once you deposit your coins on any exchange you are trusting them as custodians, meaning they have total control over your funds. Said so, you need to contact Bittrex directly, BTG organization cannot act on behalf of any exchange.


yes, but they are waiting for a response from the developers, so it is written in Bitrex


Hey Mazer,

The BTG team has answered all of Bittrex’s questions. BTG is safer from attack than many of the coins they currently trade. At this point opening their wallets is entirely up to Bittrex.


This is to update that bittrex BTG wallet is now back to normal functions… Just checked my own account earlier today…



Wow! Cool, thank you for the list, it’s convenient to choose the best exchange for different users. Like currencies’ filters and countries. Probably, you can add more exchanges as there are several others? For instance, there’s KUNA exchange which is based in Ukraine and focuses on UAH deals. Or Idian platform called Idodax which works with Rupiahs.

List of Retail Exchanges

Sure, drop the links here in a comment and someone will be happy to add them to the OP.