Lets Take BTG To The Next Level

Agreed BTG is definitely the future. 2018 is the year for BTG to go to the moon!
All coinbase users please write in to them to list BTG as i have already done it. lets work hard to bring BTG to the next LEVEL.

Here is my BTG address:

Thanks lots everyone for your support and thank you BTG!


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Hey assif, guess what? You have been selected as one of the winners! Great job! thank you.

Check the results out Post of the month top 4 - March 2018

Please, let me know your BTG address in order to receive your prize.

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Can you please double check your BTG Address? and send it again? Thanks


Это мой адрес btg: GVwnGzSU3vEU31TQi4S3XxrUhbwmAUDz75


You can also send it to:

Thanks lots!


Добрый день! Густаво-дель-Рио подскажите, когда переведете BTG монеты?

Густаво-дель-Рио добрый день! Я люблю играть в шахматы. Играю на https://lichess.org. Было бы очень здорово, если можно было бы играть в шахматы на BTG! К примеру : ставка 0,1 BTG, Победившему давала бы возможность выиграть 0,18 BTG, 10% от призового фонда уходила бы площадке за игру.

L’adresse c’est pour quoi ??? Des BTG free ???

Sinon, l’avenir c’est des Crypto avec mining Smartphones!!!

Croyez moi , ils sont des milliards à n’avoir qu’un smartphone !!!

No predictions can be made for the future pricing of cryptocurrency due to volatile nature. Though some predictions are buzzing around for them on the internet but no one can be sure about its price predictions.

No one can predict but what we can do as BTG supporters is to educate people on what BTG is about and how all other pieces fall in place like getting listed on coinbase and to follow BTC on the next bull run… Anything anyone says on price is speculation and no one is saying 100% what the price will be in the future…