It is official! Bittrex is criminal and stole my BTG


Today I tried to withdraw my BTG from Bittrex I have used this address since 1 year. To trade and mine to. In Summer I even bought some.

Now they say because I have not withdrawn until 5. Nov. it is lost.But iIn my account it even shows recent mining deposits.

They are criminals. How can I get help from Police or authorities?

Thank you


i dont know that.

its better to used other exchange, like binance.
dont used btrex, they had made more coin delist, many trader disapointed.

i agree to the team btg that din’t pay them, because, its happen at the exchange, they serve their wallet without any securities and pashprase to us, its mean we dint have the authorities, and the btg team didn have the network (i mean the network is being us that used btg in the world). in case, when the exchange had attack or that coin being hard fork…we can’t save, spend, send the coin that suspend to other our wallet…

in your case… thats enought to know them, they are not profesional with their exchange. if they profesional…they would like to help you to WD. this mean…its bad for you, you lost your btg.


Wow, you mined to an exchange address? Never do that.


You can negotiate with them, and you may be able to take legal action. I don’t know what country you are in, but you can talk to a competent legal professional and see what actions might be possible.

Make sure to keep all your communications and records; I wish you the best in your efforts.