Issue with Bitcoin Core 11.8. Cant get into my wallet.


Im trying to find my private Key in Bitcoin Core 11.2 on my Macbook to move it to Electrum since I have problems with opening the Software properly and I dont want to wait to let it synch.

I have changed some settings in the Program so it opens up every time I start the Mac and there is a popup saying “unable to reach Port 8333”. Then it closes again… There is NO option opening the command line for bitcoin core.

Is there another way to find my Private Key? Can I just put my wallet.dat into electrum?

Help is appreciated!

You can’t import a wallet.dat into Electrum or ElectrumG - only the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Gold Core wallets use that file format.

Your best bet is to resolve your core wallet startup problem.

There are also third-party tools to let you inspect your wallet.dat file; it’s a Berkeley DB databse, internal - but you have to be very careful to make sure the tool you use is legit, and only work with it on a safe computer. Handling your private keys always puts them at risk, and it will be safer to fix your Core wallet problem than to download 3rd-party software.

Side note: if you copy your wallet.dat file as a backup, and re-install the core wallet, you should be able to copy wallet.dat back into the new installation and fire it up. (Note that if you delete your blockchain data, it will take a long time for the wallet to re-sync.)