Is there any trading charts for bitcoin?

Topbit, the leading provider of cryptocurrency charts and market prices in Korea, launched a website ( that helps global users view real-time charts and market prices of 6,500 coins and 1,200 Cryptocurrency using a Big Data Processing Technology. allows users to see a collection of 49 currencies by Cryptocurrency, exchange, and coin of interest for free.Users can view transaction prices for exchanges around the world based on the currency of their choice.
In addition, it provides large volume of real-time transaction data using The Big Data Processing Technology, so that market participants can see the difference in price between each exchange.

I suspect you’re pulling some information from CoinMarketCap or other databases.

Bitgem is a long-ago coin which used to be used with the code “BTG…” but it has a lower index number than Bitcoin Gold, so when you do a lookup for “BTG” at CoinMarketCap you’ll get “Bitgem.”

You show nearly fifty exchanges trading BTG… and none of them have Bitgem, except for one:


Cryptopia is the only Exchange trading Bitgem. All the others you show are trading Bitcoin Gold.

Good luck with you project.

I would check out CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap for real-time price data.

Hi, you can get the charts for Bitcoin Gold on Trading View or Learn 2 Trade do an analysis each week on it

Yeahhh there are so many trading charts availble for all of us… you just do google it…

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Yes, nazakethussain… charts are all over the place. You can’t avoid ads for them.

In fact, this entire thread is, in all likelyhood, not meant as real discussion - the OP was probably just trying to plant links to a pay-to-see-them charting info site, and the same goes for many of the replies!

We try hard not to assume the worst of posters here - and sometimes they provide an opportunity to clarify something relevant. (Like the Bitcoin Gold / Bitgem issue for the BTG ticker symbol, above.)

Thats really good… thank you so much for providing the knowledge…

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