Is it possible to mine BTG on a VPS?


Just wondering whether it’s possible to mine BTG on a personal computer or VPS or whether a professional rig is required?

My, very limited, understanding of BTG is that it was designed to be a truly distributed network but obvs if it requires expensive rigs then it’ll still be controlled by those with the resources.


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Anyone with a graphics card with at least 3 gb of memory (less might work) can mine BTG. The amount of BTG you receive will be less than people with big rigs. If you are talking about cpu mining at the moment and im assuming forever no cpu mining software exists for zhash/equihashBTG.


I believe Tromp’s multi-parameter Equihash solver works on CPU for the new 144,5 parameter. It is, however, so much less efficient than GPU-based miners that you won’t see it recommended for actual mining.

Right. With 3GB of memory on a Windows machine, you may have trouble with certain mining software (Windows has GPU memory overhead, and depending on the miner, 3GB may not be enough - it’s near the borderline.) With Linux, 3GB cards work well.

Cards with more than 3GB of VRAM are increasingly common and will work on any operating system.