Is Bitcoingold dead ? Or is this forum?

If I have got your attention, let me introduce myself as a usual crypto enthusiast who is an active member of a few other currency forum and found this forum for Bitcoingold … I think out of all the currency forums this is the one where nothing is happening … so why do we have 3B in market and a dead community ?

Not at all!

Many cryptos arise out of existing communities, and forums jumpstart themselves by being planted in existing places, such as People already have accounts on (great) places like bitcointalk, so jumping into the conversation is easy.

BTG is still very new (launched less than 3 months ago) and the Forum here is even newer (primary public use is only in the past 30 days). People need to want to participate in a conversation to take the time to sign up and start getting involved - as you have.

I’m very ecouraged by the fact that page views here on the Forum are growing exponentially, even though we’re not really pushing the Forum on people. Your comment is reaching a larger audience than you might think, based on the amount of visible user activity!

We hope to let the Forum grow organically, as much as possible - we want to support the Community, not force things on it. We’ll be gradually publishing more content of our own, over time, but we really want the community to engage with each other.

I encourage you to go ahead and post more questions, and make more comments that invite feedback.