Inheritance Planning for Cryptocurrencies: 3 Steps in 3 Minutes

There are three things that your heirs MUST know about in order to access these tokens and keep them safe: exchanges, wallets, and devices.
Most exchanges are centralized and hold funds for you in an account to allow you to trade between local currency and cryptocurrency.
Wallets can be a bit trickier because often it’s difficult for people to know if they are using a “hosted wallet,” like an exchange where you don’t actually own your keys, or a non-hosted wallet, where you do.
What do your heirs need to know? They will need to know what devices you use to access your wallet accounts. Why? Because these devices probably have copies of your keys stored on them and it’s important that your heirs know not to throw away, donate, gift, or destroy these devices until the funds have been successfully moved to the estate or moved to your heirs.
Your heirs will probably need someone to help them access your cryptocurrencies and asset tokens. If you can easily think of people you trust to help, then list them. I prefer having at least two ‘helpers’ designated, from different organizations or different sides of the family.