Im just want to know

sorry for saying this, im just want to know, is BTG is the next BCD? the real price is just $2? what a adiministrator do, the administrator doesn’t do anything about the decline in BTG prices. whether BTG developers will do something to raise prices… once again I apologize, it’s not that I doubt BTG but I will probably lose and lose my money now if im HODL BTG. unlike BCH which is a strong coin that prices will not go down far

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I agree also , i have been waiting price going up during the last 7 month with BTG future .
BUT unfortunately, the price do not go up over the opening price of last year only one time till now .
if the price will keep $20~ 40 continually .
people will give up BTG coin with BTG future . we worry about it .

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It seems to me you’re missing half the story… you’re asking about the fall, but I think BTG has great potential to rise. Also, to be honest, I think it has less potential to fall compared to BCH.

Think about this: despite the backing of industry behemoths, BCH has not managed to really encroach on BTC’s dominance. Despite creating a higher block size limit, actual BCH block sizes have remained much, much smaller than BTC’s. BTC has blocks 10x as large as BCH (before including Segwit), and has 10x as many transactions in them as BCH.

Although BCH was promoted as the “real Bitcoin,” one year later, it’s clear that Bitcoin is BTC, and Bitcoin Cash is not - based on price, based on volume, based on actual transactions per block, by all measures, BCH has not taken over as “BTC.”

If there’s no increase in adoption despite all the promotion and the weight of industry titans behind it, why would it rise? I would be concerned about seeing BCH price fall. At some point, most people will realize it’s simply not going to replace BTC. And with the exponential growth we’re seeing in Lightning Network, the kind of layer-2 technology all the knowledgeable computers scientists agree is necessary to handle really dramatic increases in transaction volume, BTC is capable of expanding dramatically. Soon, everyone will begin to realize that.

The “weak hands” holding BCH may well start selling off at some point, and once it begins, it may be quite hard to stop.

Meanwhile, BTG? Well, BTG has already suffered a big decline in price during this bear market. And, let’s be honest, there were plenty of detractors of BTG since the beginning - but many of them already sold off their BTG. I suspect we don’t have as many “weak hands” remaining that may dump.

BTG has also suffered because of the recent attacks on exchanges , and usability has been hampered because many exchanges have been (understandably) slow to resume normal BTG activity, even after our successful Network Upgrade on July 3d made those kinds of attacks impossible to repeat. We’re beginning to see rapid movement, now. Bittrex has re-opened wallets; Binance has dropped their confirmation requirements back to reasonable levels, as has Changelly, and others are doing the same.

And let’s not forget that the Network Upgrade also thwarted the ASIC miners that were trying to encroach on BTG; we’ve held firm on our promise to keep GPU miners in business, and the ability to meet this commitment to the GPU mining community has been met with accolades. Our community is strong and getting stronger, and we’re building valuable relationships with other players in the ecosystem - including other coin teams. We’re working hard to live up to our claim of being a “friendly fork.”

So BTG is a value from all those perspectives. In addition, BTG has never tried to screw with the coin supply, nobody is burning BTG, etc. - the economics are stable and traditional, just like BTC. Our inflation rate is very small, like BTC, unlike several other popular coins with inflation rates ten times highers. That confers long-term stability; it’s a “sound money” monetary policy.

And BTG is ramping up Lightning Network, which will grant the massive transaction speeds and scales that BTC is gaining, and it maintains interoperability with BTC. We’ll soon have cross-chain atomic swaps among BTC, LTC, BTG - while BCH is choosing to stay out of this arena.

And, given that BTG is at a low price, it has tremendous potential to rise.

To me, BCH looks like a failed takeover of Bitcoin. BTC is still BTC. Will BCH succeed as a stand-alone? Maybe. But it also has potential to fall; it certainly doesn’t have the strong-hand holders that Bitcoin does, and isn’t getting the mainstream attention that Bitcoin is getting. The new ETFs people keep trying to approve are for BTC, not BCH.

Meanwhile, BTG is successfully being a partner to others in the space, is proving its ability to adapt and thrive, and we’re bringing GPU miners a coin in the traditional Bitcoin model which will be interoperable with Bitcoin-based technologies. This gives BTG tremendous potential to rise.

In my portfolio, I can’t give my ratio of BTG/BCH - because you can’t divide by zero. :wink:

(Disclaimer: I hold BTC, BTG, and LTC, but no BCH.)


thank you, you arouse new hope for me to hold BTG longer. I almost gave up because I had held the BTG from February until now, I bought a BTG for $ 250 & $ 90 now that the BTG price is only $ 23, the price is a little closer to the price of ETC $ 16. … I can barely see the future of BTG , it will be good if the future BTG target is $ 250- $ 300 … I hope that soon my patience will be paid off

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thank you for your answer .


Spanish Translation

BTG tiene un gran potencial para ascender. Además, para ser sincero, creo que tiene menos posibilidades de caer en comparación con BCH.

Piensa en esto: a pesar del respaldo de los gigantes de la industria, BCH no ha logrado realmente invadir el dominio de BTC. A pesar de crear un límite de tamaño de bloque mayor, los tamaños reales de bloque de BCH se han mantenido mucho, mucho más pequeños que los de BTC. BTC tiene bloques 10 veces más grandes que BCH (antes de incluir a Segwit), y tiene 10 veces más transacciones que BCH.

Aunque BCH fue promocionado como el “Bitcoin real”, un año después, está claro que Bitcoin es BTC, basado en el volumen, basado en transacciones reales por bloque, por todas las medidas y parametros, BCH no ha reemplazado a “BTC”.

Si no hay un aumento en la adopción a pesar de toda la promoción y el peso de los titanes de la industria detrás de ella, ¿por qué aumentaría? Me preocuparía ver caer el precio del BCH. En algún momento, la mayoría de la gente se dará cuenta de que simplemente no va a reemplazar a BTC. Y con el crecimiento exponencial que estamos viendo en Lightning Network, el tipo de tecnología de capa 2 que todos los informáticos conocedores acordaron que será necesaria para manejar aumentos realmente dramáticos en el volumen de transacciones, BTC es capaz de expandirse dramáticamente. Pronto, todos comenzarán a darse cuenta de eso.

Las “manos débiles” que sostienen BCH bien pueden comenzar a vender en algún momento, y una vez que comienza, puede ser bastante difícil de detener.

Mientras tanto, BTG? Bueno, BTG ya sufrió una gran caída en el precio durante este mercado bajista. Y, seamos sinceros, hubo muchos detractores de BTG desde el principio, pero muchos de ellos ya vendieron su BTG. Sospecho que ya no tenemos tantas “manos débiles” que pueden hacer que el precio siga retrocediendo.

BTG también ha sufrido debido a los recientes ataques de las casas de cambio, y la usabilidad se ha visto obstaculizada porque muchos casas de cambio “exchanges” han sido (comprensiblemente) lentos para reanudar la actividad normal de BTG, incluso después de nuestra exitosa Actualización de red del pasado03 de julio, hizo que los tipos de ataques que tuvimos sean imposibles de repetirse . Estamos empezando a ver un movimiento rápido, ahora. Bittrex ha reanudado los servicios de BTG; Binance ha reducido sus requisitos de confirmación a niveles razonables, al igual que Changelly, y otros siguen su ejemplo.

Y no olvidemos que la Actualización de red también frustró a los mineros de ASIC que intentaban invadir BTG; nos hemos mantenido firmes en nuestra promesa de mantener a los mineros de GPU en el negocio, y la capacidad de cumplir este compromiso con la comunidad minera de la GPU ha recibido elogios. Nuestra comunidad es fuerte y cada vez más fuerte, y estamos construyendo relaciones valiosas con otros jugadores en el ecosistema, incluidos otros equipos de monedas. Estamos trabajando duro para cumplir con nuestro reclamo de ser un “tenedor amigable”.

Entonces BTG es un valor desde todas esas perspectivas. Además, BTG nunca ha intentado manipular el suministro de monedas, nadie está quemando BTG, etc. - la blockchain es estable y tradicional, al igual que BTC. Nuestra tasa de inflación es muy pequeña, como BTC, a diferencia de otras monedas populares con tasas de inflación diez veces mayores. Eso confiere estabilidad a largo plazo.

Y BTG está inplementando Lightning Network, que otorgará las velocidades de transacción masivas y las escalas que BTC está ganando, y mantiene la interoperabilidad con BTC. Pronto tendremos “intercambios atómicos” entre las redes de BTC, LTC, BTG, mientras BCH elige permanecer fuera de este campo.

Y, dado que BTG tiene un precio bajo, tiene un tremendo potencial para aumentar.

Para mí, BCH parece una toma de control fallida de Bitcoin. BTC sigue siendo BTC. ¿BCH tendrá éxito como independiente? Tal vez. Pero también tiene potencial para caer; ciertamente no tiene los titulares de mano fuerte que Bitcoin tiene, y no está recibiendo la atención principal que está recibiendo Bitcoin. Los nuevos ETF que la gente sigue intentando aprobar son para BTC, no para BCH.

Mientras tanto, BTG está siendo un socio exitoso para otros en el espacio, está demostrando su capacidad para adaptarse y prosperar, y estamos trayendo a los mineros de GPU una moneda en el modelo tradicional de Bitcoin que será interoperable con las tecnologías basadas en Bitcoin. Esto le da a BTG un tremendo potencial para aumentar.

for example as like below , It is negative message of BTG .
would you contact them for correct information of BTG .

Their statement is correct about Bitgem. Cryptopia does not currently have a Bitcoin Gold market.

Several exchanges used to use the ticker symbol BTG for Bitgem, which is a coin which started in 2013, but is now an abandoned coin. I think Cryptopia is one of the last places still listing it.

CoinMarketCap recently removed Bitgem entirely, ending their chart at July 25. You can no longer search on Bitgem, but the old URL still shows them:

But they show no markets for it.

Per CryptoCompare, Bitgem also used to be on Novaexchange and Cryptsy - but Novaexchange doesn’t show Bitgem any more, and Cryptsy is gone (collapsed years ago after fraud.)

I’ll be glad that this last listing is gone - it occasionally confuses people.

Who knows, maybe after removing Bitgem on August 24th, Cryptopia will choose to list Bitcoin Gold! (They generally use a pay-to-be-listed model, and Bitcoin Gold does not do that, so we’re not currently listed there, but they are free to add us if they choose, and we’ll be happy to provide technical assistance.)

thank you for your kind answer