Introducing ICEBERG.one, the cryptocurrency web trading platform

What we offer?

  • 6 cryptocurrency exchanges in one window (Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, Huobi)
  • Convenient cryptocurrency portfolio maintainance (all your coins from exchanges/wallets in one or a few portfolios, portfolio visualization)
  • Extended trading functionality (order visualization, Stop Loss, Take Profit, Limit Orders at once and without funds freezing)
  • Profits and losses calculation in dollars, deposit interest rate and cryptocurrency at the stage of order placing
  • Depth of Market (interactive interface, depth setting, total / amount optional display)
  • Trading with a room for mistake (demo account 100000 $)
  • Access to the platform on any device, without app installation
  • Referral Program (invite a friend and get free access)

The service has two main modules:
DASHBOARD – displays portfolio balance, yield chart, assets ratio, balance history and visualizes the progress of current orders
TRADING – gives an opportunity to trade with convenient universal terminal with order books and exchange rate charts

Brief DASHBOARD module review
If you are a fiduciary manager, you can easily handle client accounts with several API keys in different portfolios.

You can monitor balance changes on all exchanges, linked to a certain portfolio.

In the short balance sheet you can see balance changes for 24 hours, for all the time, initial and current deposit.

Your portfolio performance is shown on chart.

All assets are aggregated in one table. You can see initial and current balance of each coin, average asset purchase price, profits and losses in dollars and interest rates.

You can hide crypto dust and modest assets with a built-in function.

For illustrative purposes there is an infographic representation of all your assets so you can easily assess trading situation.

All your open orders are shown in orders widget so you can control the situation and instantly make decisions.

Brief TRADING module review

You can instantly choose currency pair on any available exchange. There is no need to authorize on each exchange separately and relog every time in to a new accounts.

You can mark coins of your interest as favorites and sort by them. Coins with upcoming events are marked with “i”. Brief event description with resourse reference is available by clicking the button.

Built-in filters allow to display only those coins, that you are most interested in and/or on what events are expected.

TradingView widget is to show currency pairs chart

Two DoM display modes. Total is for overall volume display on current and previous levels. Amount is for each level volume display.

You can set the depth of DoM. Your open orders will be shown in DoMs.

Stop Loss and Take Profit orders without funds freezing on any available exchange. “Order chain” option allows to place Limit or Market Order along with Stop Loss and Take Profit ones.

You will see future profit or possible loss on each deal in dollars and interest rates.

For all of those who want to train trading skills without risk of losing their own money we offer 100 000 $ DEMO account with access to all platform functions.

Assess all the terminal advantages on ICEBERG.one

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