I would like to interview BTG team for an untapped market

Hello guys, my name is Hoang, I have a facebook group that comprises thousands of miners who own farms (up to 1500 rigs farm), I would love to have a chance to interview you guys about the bitcoingold coin. The benefit is you will get to acquire new fans for FREE for BTG in a brand new market (Vietnamese) and I’ll setup everything for you. We would just do a facebook livestream in my facebook group together. Questions are basic like the idea behind the coin, how you guys started, what’s your vision… I would go into more detail if you’re interested. Please let me know.


More detail is welcome; I’d be happy to participate.

Will this video be openly available, or only within your (private?) group? Would you like a one-on-one, and if so, with whom? (More than two guests is usually a bad idea.)

Feel free to draft out topics for discussion publicly, here - others may contribute ideas. Alternately, feel free to go into direct Messages with me to plan out discussion topics.

Looking forward to working together.


thanks for your answer.

My facebook group is a public group meaning all videos will be public. My plan is to upload the interview on all platform afterward. But i wouldn’t do anything without your consent. I could do an exclusive interview just for my group or have the interview public. You tell me what you want.

The format will be an interview between just you and me, the goal is to raise awareness about the coin and provide the audience the chance to ask questions to understand more about your coin. I would start off with some questions such as how you guys started, what’s your role in the team? How did you get involve from the beginning? what’s the idea behind BTG? what’s your short and long term vision, what’s your plan, what are you guys working on? etc then we let the people ask question.

You will also have the chance to tell people about who you are, what audiences are you looking for, what kind of support you are looking for …

My group is a Vietnamese group, totally untapped market, they can type question during the livestream so we could easily interact. I will plan everything from A-Z and you just need to turn on your phone with a camera with the headphones and we are good to go.

Please let me know if the details above work for you or if you have any question. Once we’re agreed on having the interview then we should definitely have a more private discussion through DM.

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Would Friday June 15th 2018 at 7AM PST work for you to have the interview with me? I believe something is wrong with my account as i could not find a way to send you direct message.

You may need more/longer activity before the Forum software gives you enough “reputation” to be able to DM.

The morning of the 15th looks to OK for me, at this point. What is the Facebook group, in question? We’d need to have a look at it and your audience/content before deciding.

For sure,
this is my facebook group. It’s Vietnamese community as mentioned earlier.