I have released v3.0 of Funakoshi Cuda Miner with <144,5> support

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Funakoshi-Miner runs EquiHash<144,5> fast.

The miner has been tested on testnet.pool.gold

For more information visit my github repository.

The following BitcoinGold pools are supported:
suprnova, miningpoolhub, pool.gold, btgpool.pro, coinblockers,
bitcoingold.multipool.es, mining4, 2miners.

The following Nvidia gpu cards are supported:
GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, …

Dev fee: 1.5%



Now we need people to put up some numbers… how fast is fast? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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On GTX 1080 avg should be between 37 to 38 sol/s

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Amazing! Would you like to write a tweet and mention us? We want all the miners to know your software.

We will also include your miner to our mining guide!


This is excellent! I will be testing your miner and will be adding it to our mining guide today. Thank you for your support!


Excellent work. I’ll give it a spin!


I have released v3.1 of Funakoshi Cuda Miner with <144,5> support.

Now the test pools: test-pool.bitcoingold.org and btg-testnet.miningspot.net
are both supported.

Test wallet-address should be used before the fork of the main-net.


Funakoshi, have you considered adding support for Zerocoin or BTCZ? Both of those coins have switched to <144,5> and are live now (with different Personalization.)

I can get you in touch with their dev teams to provide details & lists of their supported pools.


I have already added support to BTCZ in suprnova pool.
If they will give me a list of more pools I will be able to support them.


how about the 1070 ti?

GTX 1070 ti is Supported.

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awesome stuff!!! Can’t wait to run this on mainnet. When is the mainnet changes scheduled to be released at this stage?


See the countdown clock at bitcoingold website

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The Upgrade hits at block 536,200:


Click for live countdown.


The EquiHash <144,5> can’t support GTX 1060 3GB?

It depends on the miner and OS.

A 3GB card can support Equihash<144,5> - 2.2 to 2.5 GB is plenty, depending on the miner.

However, WIndows also uses up memory on the graphics card - how much depends on the version of Windows. It’s very close to limit.

On Linux, it will work.

On Windows, if mining on the GPU you also use for your video display, it may not work. If you’re lucky, you may be able to close all screen windows (all browser tabs, etc.) - this may free enough memory on the graphics card for the miner to work.

Your odds are better if using a graphics card with no monitor connected (so-called “headless” mode.)

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Funakoshi miner requires more than 3 GB of gpu memory to run, sorry.

I have tested Funakoshi-Miner <144,5> on GTX 1060 6GB and it works fine.
However, current implementation can’t work on 3GB.

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Just from avast anti virus
funakoshiMiner 3.2 has been confirmed to be safe and can be added to the database
400 million users can be safely and comfortably protected.

I received the message.

Thank you!


Any speed test for 1070 and 1060 6gb?