I believe BTG will be bigger than BCH

None of us doubts this.

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OK, I’m ready to place my bets! When do you think this will happen?

Well, BCH miners can’t switch to BTG using their ASICs - our algo prevents that. If BCH collapses, the only thing those miners can do is go back to mining another SHA-256 coin, like the original BTC.

This is part of what allowed us to be a Friendly Fork - our fork did no harm to BTC’s mining network, because we don’t try to steal their hashpower.

Plenty of GPU miners mine BTG now, and the volume will continue to grow as we continue to build adoption and use cases - as well as new technologies over time.

Yes; we’re actively working to support the Bitcoin ecosystem and cryptos in general.

In my personal opinion, I expect to see big movements in adoption, attitudes, and investment as Lightning Network takes off on Bitcoin chains supporting Segwit: Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, and the original Bitcoin… and this rate of movement will accelerate later, when cross-chain atomic swaps begin among these three coins.


It’s not just going to happen automatically. To grow BTG price will require a lot of support from the community: keep holding your BTG, buy more BTG when you can, and spread awareness of BTG on social media and real life. The developer team will continue to make BTG the fastest, most secure, and most decentralized cryptocurrency.


Thanks for giving my post a chance! Fingers crossed!


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I buy at 304USD 100 BTG
Why price today 62USD

How do you let me do that?
Wait 2 months already.

target BTG for next month ? go to up ? or down ?

@acjuner9966, we’ll respect your right to voice your opinion, but I have to warn you to please stop cross-post spamming multiple discussions.

I’ve left this post up, and removed all the others.


now BTG/usd : 48$. but i belive BTG will hit 1000 $ this year


yes it will rock "><theworld

it’il be $ 1,000 by the end of this year.



going to start mining BTG with Singhala new year and wish you all happy singhala Tamil New year For Amazing BTG Community Members


no offense, but you need to take responsibility for your own decisions. the crypto market as a whole fell drastically. If it’s a project you believe in, hold your conviction and hopefully you will be rewarded :slight_smile:


Yep, but most of them selling their coin dude, even the dev they’re selling the coin. So ya… BTG has been crashing hard lately.

You’re implying that there’s some sort of dumping going on - I know for a fact that this is not true.

Personally, I sell some coin (of various types) to pay rent and other expenses, but I also continue to hold much more than I sell… and it’s obvious that the Endowment is not being dumped.

Please don’t say such things unless you can present some sort of evidence for it… all the evidence on the blockchain disagrees with you. Don’t repeat someone else’s lies… consider looking up the truth, instead.


Je pense qu’il y a des Nouvelles crypto bien Mieux que Bitcoin !!!

L’avenir est ailleurs!!

ok thanh you ban hi vong nam nay btg se len 1k