How to pick the best mining pool for your cryptocurrency especially BitcoinGold BTG?

I understand some mining pools could have lower shares in the initial period and would increase as time goes by.

But what factors should we be considering on selecting the best mining pool?

Please enlighten me.


BTG :rocket:

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Hey Leo, here you have some useful guides on how to set up your miners including information on how to choose a mining pool.

Hope it helps.



Can you please explain the meaning of each parameter below? My other question is If the network difficulty is lower then it is better right?
Pool Hashrate 8.82 MH/s
Hashrate 5.27 KH/s
Net Hashrate 25.91 MH/s
Network difficulty 1,922,126.63

First stat: how much hashrate is on miningpoolhub
Second, your personal hashrate
Third, the total hashrate of the entire network
Last, this variable goes up when there are more miners. So yes, the lower the difficulty the better

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Okay Joseph. thanks a lot ! :kissing_heart:

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Side note, these two:

Net Hashrate
Network Difficutly

Will be the same at all pools - because all pools are looking at the same BTG Network.


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Some people think that they need huge warehouses of supercomputers to mine Cryptocurrencies. This is not true, tens of thousands of people can mine at home. Bitcoin Gold has brought mining back to the people.


nooo they need quantum computers for it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: …jk

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