How to mine Bitcoin Gold? Mining guide for AMD and Nvidia graphic cards


Bitcoin Gold was the second major bitcoin hard fork that happened after Bitcoin Cash. It was born on the 25th of October 2018. The major difference between Bitcoin Gold from Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash is the proof-of-work (PoW). In case of BTC and BCH, it is SHA256 and Bitcoin Gold changed the PoW to Equihash. SHA256 is an ASIC-friendly algorithm, while equihash is optimized for GPU mining.

The original equihash algorithm has now been updated for BTG and is called Equihash-BTG. This was done so that the new equihash-ASIC miners are not able to mine on the Bitcoin Gold network. The ASICs are unfair for miners. Often, the manufactures produce them for a tiny cost and sell them at much higher price.

This clearly violates Satoshi’s vision of “One CPU One Vote” because everyone can buy processor and the same cannot be said for the ASICs.

What is Bitcoin Gold trying to accomplish?

The main goal is to bring smaller miners with a normal computer with processor and graphics card to create a truly decentralized blockchain.

Ok! Let’s mine Bitcoin Gold.

For Nvidia GPU

If you have Nvidia GPUs, then it is best to use the EWBF’s Cuda Equihash Miner and use custom parameters that are used in new Equihash-BTG algorithm. I am using website, a Bitcoin Gold pool mining website.

Unzip the file and open the run.bat file under notepad. Change it to following:

miner  --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --server --port 3050 --user GZBXtwYBvuMQjsW3qiaof7GPJd79KrE6Ry.BTG --pass x

Replace my Bitcoin Gold address (GZBXtwYBvuMQjsW3qiaof7GPJd79KrE6Ry) to yours. Or simply double click on run.bat file to see if everything is working properly.


If you have AMD GPUs, then you can use LolMiner. It fully supports latest BTG algorithm. If you have Vega, RX550 or Tahiti GPU, you will have to use custom kernel, which is present in aforementioned thread.

Now, edit the user_config.json file as following. Open it in a text editor like notepad.

		"PLATFORM"	      : "AUTO",
		"DEVICES"	      : "AUTO" 	

	"EXAMPLE1" : 
		"COIN" : "BTG",
		"POOLS" : [
			{"POOL" : "",
			 "PORT" : "3050",
			 "USER" : "GZBXtwYBvuMQjsW3qiaof7GPJd79KrE6Ry.lolMiner",
			 "PASS" : "x"}

Change my BTG address to yours or feel free to mine it for few minutes, if you want to say thank you!

You can check your mining stats on Enter your BTG address and hopefully, your rig will start mining.

I hope you found this article useful. :smiley:

Here is my BTG donation address: GZBXtwYBvuMQjsW3qiaof7GPJd79KrE6Ry

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Is Bitcoin Gold a good investment?

Thank you for information.

I have a ubuntu virtual machine with 2 NVIDA GPUS (GM204GL [Tesla M60]) and I get the message:

INFO: Detected new work: 00003ba2
INFO 14:45:14: GPU0 Rejected share 4ms [A:0, R:12]
INFO: Detected new work: 00003ba3
INFO 14:45:15: GPU0 Rejected share 3ms [A:0, R:13]
INFO 14:45:18: GPU0 Rejected share 5ms [A:0, R:14]
INFO 14:45:19: GPU1 Rejected share 4ms [A:0, R:16]
INFO 14:45:24: GPU1 Rejected share 4ms [A:0, R:17]
ERROR: Lost connection with the server.

Can I resolve this problem?


Hi there, I am looking into this issue to find a solution for you


Hey there, could you please send me a pic of your config, and which version of miner you are using … thanks


Hi, I use EWBF’s Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b and my pic where can I found?
I launch the miner with this console command:

./miner --server --port 3050 --user AemyrpQ4yghX224Ytr8nZoM4ihgnCPCPMd.FiuMiner --pass x --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --api


Hi there, You need to change your miner program. You cannot use EWBF 3.4 anymore.
You will need EWBF v.4

Create a folder and unzip to the folder. Make sure your antivirus didnt remove your miner…exe

You will also need this program to edit the .cfg file

Open your cfg file with editpad light and make the following changes…
Make sure you put your own wallet address in there

If you need any more help, please let me know.
Kind Regards,



I am mining now. I don’t now if with 37 Sol/s is enough for earn any BTG, even in a few months.
With EWBF 0.3 the estimate Sol/s were greater (aprox 250 Sol/s), but with rejected shared errors. It is normal?


If you want to mine BTG with Nvidia card, you can also download
the fast Funakoshi-Miner from the github-repository and then run
it using the following command-line on Windows:

funakoshiMiner.exe -l -u yourAccountName.workerName -144


  • suprnova requires you to specify your account-name and an existing worker-name.
  • No need to specify port number.
  • -l is used for specifying the pool’s domain
  • -u is used for specifying the account-name or the wallet-address (depending on pool) plus worker-name.
  • -144 selects the equihash<144,5> algorithm.

To run Funakoshi-Miner on linux and connect to miningpoolhub:

funakoshiMiner -l -u yourAccountName.workerName -144


  • 20595 is the port number. When accessing miningpoolhub you are required to specify the port number because it is used by this pool to select which alt-coin to mine (20595 for BitcoinGold).
  • us-east selects the geo location of the pool’s server.


Thank you Funakoshi! I will be adding you in the tutorial that I am working on currently.
Thanks again for your support!


Yes, the old algorithm ran 10x to 15x faster. The new one is much more “memory-hard” and makes it slower - but everyone mining BTG is also slower, so it’s still fair.



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Hello, my mx150 (2GB) graphic works well with the BTG-nvidia-Miner 0.3.4. But when I moved to EWBF Equihash 0.4/0.5, it keeps giving out the error “cuda: device 0 … out of memory”. Is the mx150 not enough for mining BTG now or I can stay with Miner 0.3.4?


Generally speaking, 2GB is not enough.

With certain miner software, under Linux, if it’s not your primary graphics card (meaning it’s not the card running your display), it may be possible to run - but it will likely be sacrificing algorithm efficiency and producing less. You’ll have to find the right combo to get it to run, and then test to see if it’s profitable enough to mine.


Thanks a lot for your warm reply! I may upgrade my device then.:grin:


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