How to launch your security tokens?

We all know that Blockchain is the fastest growing technology. With the support of blockchain technology, many crypto-based assets were introduced. Among those crypto assets, a security token is considered as a prominent one because of its credibility and security.

Most of you people will be wondering what security Tokens are?

Security tokens are tokenized assets. They are digital forms of traditional securities that rely on a blockchain. These tokens could represent ownership of a fraction of any valuable asset, like a car, real estate, or corporate stock. Security tokens offer financial securities under Securities exchange commission (SEC) Regulation. These tokens provide financial rights to the investors that are written in the smart contract.

Types Of Security Token & Its Benefits

The security token is generally classified into 3 types. Equity Tokens, Debt Tokens, and Asset Tokens. Let’s see what they are all about and also their benefits.

Equity Tokens

Equity tokens are a type of security tokens that state ownership of an asset like company stock or debt.


Keep Control
Feel Secure with Regulations

Debt Tokens

Debt tokens are equivalent to the short-term loan on an interest rate on the amount loaned to a company. Steem is one of the examples of debt tokens, which is required to purchase Steem Dollars.


OTC Trading

Asset Tokens

An asset token is a token that is built on the blockchain platform that is associated with a tangible or an intangible object of a certain value.



Since we have seen the various types of security tokens. These tokens are created for various purposes. But, particularly they are used for launching security token offerings. It is one of the preferred crowdfunding techniques in the crypto space. Many crypto investors trust STOs compared to the other crowdfunding platforms. To launch STO, you fundraisers need to create security tokens from a reliable STO development services provider.

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I see that many people are interested in creating their own security tokens. I would just add that you should do plenty of research before doing that and make sure you have a good roadmap behind your project.

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