How to become a Blockchain Developer in 2022?

Median blockchain developer salary exceeds $100K per year, but what it takes to become blockchain dev ?

Blockchain developers work with consensus protocols, network’s architecture, APIs, and, of course smart contracts. The broad list of responsibilities highlights the importance of a blockchain developer position for the industry as a whole.

To start a blockchain developer career, you need to learn blockchain basics first. It can be academic degree in information technology or online educational courses. Web2 background is also important here.

The next pillar is cryptonomics (Cryptography + Economics). You have to get a clear understanding of transaction fees, APYs, growth catalysts, minting/burning mechanisms and so on

Ethereum and dApps. Ethereum $ETH blockchain is a number one choice for smart contracts and dApps development as it is extremely functional and versatile.

At this step, it’s essential to get familiar with smart contracts development as it is a backbone of crypto apps. Starting with Solidity programming language is a smart bet

For all blockchain devs, GetBlock offers ready-made API solutions on all blockchains (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon ect).