How to be safe with hot wallets if you're a newbie?

Hey there, kinda new so I’ve been reading up a lot on cold and hot storage and it seems that they have a lot of vulnerabilities, especially hot ones. Any thought? Which one do you use and why?

Well as you know there are two types of wallets: hot and cold. The main difference is that hot wallets, in fact, are a " lite’ version of cold ones as they work directly with cryptocurrency blockchain via the Internet. The main + of hot wallets is that you have instant access to your funds anywhere with internet connection/ But they are really vulnerable to hacker attacks. I have share my experience in this field. I use Blackcatcard - a euro debit card with an additional option of a hot crypto wallet. As the hot wallet is linked to the debit card it has all degrees of protection the card itself has.I exchange crypto from the online wallet into euro, top up the card and then pay. So it perfectly meets my needs: 2 products in one app