How Much Does It Cost To Create ERC20 Token?

Many startups/entrepreneurs prefer ERC20 tokens because ERC20 is the most popular standard of the Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 tokens are created for multiple purposes like crypto crowdfunding ( ICO, IEO, STO), trading, staking and making purchases, etc.

Business people, who are willing to create ERC20 Tokens will raise up a common query like How much does it cost to create ERC20 Token?

The cost of the ERC20 Token depends on the various factors like

Characteristics of a token

ERC20 token development cost will be determined based on the features incorporated in the token. If any additional feature is added to the token, the development cost may vary.

The complexity of the token

If any new feature is to be incorporated into your ERC20 token. The cost of ERC20 token development is decided based on the token’s complexity.

Quantity of token

The number of tokens decided to be created will also play a major role in the ERC20 token development cost. The gas fee will vary as the number of ERC20 tokens increases.

These factors determine the cost of the ERC20 Token. Generally, the cost to create an ERC20 token ranges from $4K to $8K. To create your ERC20 token you should know the solidity programming language. If you are not familiar with the solidity programming language no worries!!! Reach out to the best ERC20 Token Development Service provider. Based on recent research, I have found that CoinsQueens provides end-to-end ERC20 Token development service providers at affordable costs.

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