How do I move my full node?


I want to migrate it on another computer. I cannot swap hdd’s and I don’t mind loading the blockchain
copy again if it requires it.


  1. Install BTG Core wallet on new computer. Configure it the same as the old. (Duplicate your bitcoingold.conf if using that.)
  2. Shut down the old and the new nodes.
  3. Copy these folders & all contents from the old to the new to get your new installation synced up to the same place as your old installation:
    • blocks
    • chainstates
    • indexes (this may not exist if not using the optional txindex setting)
  4. Copy the wallet.dat file(s) from the old to the new; this contains your keys and wallet info.


This same process works even if you’re moving between operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and Mac. The file formats used by the full node are the same across platforms.