How do I find out who stole BTG?

How do I find out who stole BTG? There is a suspicion that this is an EXMO exchange. The blockchain has all the information. And can someone help me in this situation? Or theft in the field of cryptocurrency is inevitable, and it cannot be prevented?

Hello Denis,
Losing access or track to your coins Its an unfortunate event. Exchanges have their internal policies and procedures and the Bitcoin Gold Organisation is not directly neither indirectly related to their actions.

The blockchain Technology itself is very safe and liable. This specific case you are mentioning requires you to contact the exchange service support requesting an explanation. Keep in mind that when you keep your coins in their exchange, they are custodians of your money, its the same than keeping your fiat money in a bank account, if you have any issue you must go to their office to find a solution.

We recommend you to reach out to them immediately.

To expand on that, Denis, it all depends on the details of the suspected theft.

If the theft happened on chain - that is, if the theft was from an actual BTG wallet and was done via transactions on chain, then those transactions are a chain of evidence which you or the authorities might be able to use to help explain the theft and possible lead to the criminal who did it.

If the coins in question were in a custodial wallet, such as on a centralized exchange, there may not be such a trail. Once a deposit is made to a centralized exchange, you mere have an account number with the exchange, and they track your funds in their private ledgers. They are the custodian of your coins. The actual deposited coins go into the exchange’s wallets, like all other coins. So any trading activity or transfer of funds out of the account will not be reflected in activity on those original deposited coins.

Theft can be prevented by careful use of your personal wallet info, and if you use any custodial services like a centralized exchange, by only working with reputable firms that you trust.