How can website admins and business owners from the community members benefit from BTGPay?

I love where BTG is going with this, a very practical approach in my opinion, though I am not sure how exactly it will be implemented, so I thought maybe we can bounce some ideas around and maybe create a space for developers and merchants to discuss it…

I for one would love to adopt BTG technology on my websites and be able to accept BTG payments as a form of payment for services provided by my businesses…

Having said that I would like to start with that as an example and I hope to see what others in the community might suggest…

I personally use Wordpress for all my websites and as far as I understand it may be the most popular website platform out there, I am not sure in what form BTGPay will come out or if it will be customized for each merchant separately but I am certainly hoping that it would be a straight forward and simple wordpress plugin that I can install and activate without too much trouble…

Though I’m sure everyone has been used to using certain applications and plugins to customize their wordpress site that may conflict with an additional plugin and might render the btg plugin useless to some, or may force you to change many settings on your website design…

So what’s the solution to that? Can we say integration? For example there is an addon for woocommerce that will allow the woocommerce store to accept bitcoin, ETH, LTC plus some other coins but BTG is not one of them…Considering that woocommerce is one of the most used online store platforms, would it be more practical to approach the addon maker and ask them to add btg, plus other similar addons like this one?

Or maybe we can come up with a practical way that will allow each of us with a little bit of simple programing to manually integrate the BTGPay gateway into whatever online store gateway we are using?? Be it in php or C++ or whatever language our website is made of??

I would really like to hear other opinions on this, your input is much appreciated, thank you…


Hey there, I hear you use Wordpress for your ecommerce sites. Excellent! PayBear has a 100% working (verified by me) WooCommerce extension for Wordpress already,

Check it out, I think this is exactly what you want:

Basically you get the WooCommerce extension first because PayBear’s integration depends on it. PayBear’s integration allows you to be paid in BTG and it works exactly like BitPay (Address to send funds, limited timer)

BTGPay is a program(but not like a Windows program) to help merchants to find their audience.

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Awesome thank @Joseph :v:t4::ok_hand:t4:


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