Help me find my missing BTG please!

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That’s great that you moved your BTC to a hardware wallet, but that doesn’t help sort out your BTG from the fork.

The date of the fork was right after bitcoin block 491,406 on 10-24-2017 (at 01:20:39 UTC): Full link to our explorer for that block: 491406.

What was the wallet address for your BTC on that date? That’s the address that will have a corresponding balance of BTG after the fork.

I notice this part of your original text:

If you held your BTC on Coinbase on 11-24-2017 at the time of the fork, then we know where your BTG is. Coinbase has it.

If coinbase has my BTG is there a way for me to retrieve it ?
Thanks again…

Only when Coinbase provides a way.

We don’t control Coinbase… but feel free to join the chorus asking them for BTG support.


“Certificaion” implies a statement from an Authority. BTG and BTC are decentralized cryptocurrencies, so there are no Authorities - but there is a blockchain.

You can, however, use a blockchain explorer to confirm that you sent BTC to Coinbase before the October fork date, and you can check your Coinbase account history to verify that you held a BTC balance on your account at Coinbase at the time of the fork.

If you had a BTC balance, that means Coinbase held BTC in your name in their wallets, which means their wallet addresses were credited with BTG at the time of the fork.

Your ability to withdraw that BTG or be credited with that BTG is entirely up to Coinbase; they were the custodian of your BTC when you sent them there.