FIrst BTG mined

Hello everybody, I’m new in mining, I just started mining, everything is good, I have 11 shares accepted, I introduced my address, everything is good. Since a couple of hours I refreshed my Trezor Wallet and I still didn’t received any BTG. Is there anything wrong that i’ve done?? Or how much does it takes to get my first mined BTG’s ?? Thank you in advance community and nice to meet you !! :slight_smile:


“Shares” means that your miners is reporting that it has done shares of work; “shares accepted” means that the pool you’re mining for accepts those shares are proof that you’re doing work.

When your pool finds a block - which may be some time - it will give out the rewards based on everyone’s share of the contributed work.

To get a feel for how long it will take on a given pool, you need to look at that pool.