FindMeACoin: a New Platform to Support Offline Trading


FindMeACoin is a platform for finding buyers/sellers of crypto currencies in a certain geographic location. Registered users can find other users on a map, and get in touch with them to arrange a meeting.

The collected information about the users is kept at the bare minimum.
The platform uses a gamification approach, with the use of avatars, associated to reputation. It aims to be kept simple and user friendly.

A video explaining the concept, can be found here:

At this stage, we are looking forward to collecting expressions of interest, and feedback in general.

We want to make transactions easy, fun and private, as they should be! :smiley:

Thank you to everybody who expressed their interest in the FindMeACoin platform.

We are now working hard in the development of the solution, and there is a new launching date for FindMeACoin: January 2019!


                Stay tuned!

                       Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the FindMeACoin team!