Finally I got my Gpus I want to build a mining rig

Welcome everyone!

Today I am excited to provide a tutorial on what you need to build a mining rig. This tutorial will be based on an RTX 3070. The power consumption will vary depending on which graphics cards you use. A list of graphics cards and the power consumption will be listed below.

Without further ado, lets jump in !

I recently had someone ask me, HELP I have my graphics cards and I need help figuring out which other hardware I need to complete my build. To see the consumption for your gpus. See 10a, 10b, 10c

(1) You will need a plan… How many gpus? Will I be expanding?

(2) If you already know which GPUs you want or have you will need to figure out how much power you will use. Near the bottom there are lists of gpu and their power consumption. Thanks to Toms hardware guide.

(3) You will need a frame. This could be one you buy or build 2a is one that can be bought online.

(4) Motherboard. You have to choose a motherboard that has enough pcie slots as seen on 3a and 3b . This step is important if you are planning to grow.

(5) A CPU and fan kit that is compatible with the motherboard. You need to make sure that the cpu supports integrated graphics. If you see this message “ Without processor graphics or Discrete graphics required“, DO NOT GET THOSE See 4a (important) Ideally Pentium and Celeron are the perfect fit. But make sure you choose the correct motherboard and ram.

(6) Memory (ram) that is also compatible with the motherboard (important) The motherboard manual will give several recommendations for ram see 5a

(7) Power supplies, I really like the one listed below. When choosing a power supply you must make sure you never go over 80% of its maximum. I will explain below. See 6a

(8) A dual psu adapter needed to connect two power supplies together. See 7a

(9) Thermal paste needed to seat the CPU onto the motherboard. See 8a

(10) risers. Make sure the risers are at least a v 008 and not green. See image 9a

Image 2a

Image 3a and 3b

Image 4a

Image 5a

Image 6a

Image 7a

Image 8a

Image 9a

When it comes time to choose a power supply there are a few things to remember that are very important.

(1) how many pcie power cords do I need? These connect directly to the gpu so for a 6 card rig, you will need 6

(2) how many Sata/ 6 pin or molex do I need ( personally I try to stay away from molex (4 pin)

(2) Using the charts below the 3070 uses 225 watts each x 6 = 1350 watts. But when choosing a PSU ( power supply) never use more than 80% so you will need 2x1000 watt psu and for a 5 card rig you will need 2x 850 psu.

Image 10a

Image 10b

Image 10c

Of course there are other things you will need to complete your project as in.
Hard drive and Windows if using Windows OS
Usb stick if using a Linux based OS ( SMOS or Hive OS)

If you are new to building computers, then I will post a couple of videos to help you install the CPU and Fan, and the Memory.

Installing CPU and fan. This video is lenghty but informative.

Installing memory video

How to assemble your rig on a frame video

As always you can visit me on Discord or Telegram if you run into troubles.

For now that concludes this tutorial. Thanks for your interest in Bitcoin Gold.

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