Features & Benefits Of ERC721

Many Token standards are available like ERC20, ERC 721, TRC 20, BEP 20, and so on. Among these token standards, ERC 721 is considered to be a distinctive one because of its unique features. It is known for its well-known applications in the field of Non-Fungible Tokenization. Apart from that, you can use them for other specific functionalities too.

Features Of ERC 721

ERC 721 Token is used to create NFT on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

  • High compliance
  • Unique ID.
  • Multiple Product Management.
  • Admin tools.
  • Subscriptions and Newsletters for immediate upgradations.
  • Embedded Web3 checkout button with Metamask support.
  • Easy transfers.
  • ERC721 token wallet apps for web, android, and ios
  • Roles-based permission.
  • High-end security systems.

Benefits Of ERC 721

ERC-721 tokens have numerous business benefits on different verticals like healthcare, finance, retail, e-learning, tourism, media, and entertainment. Its benefits are

Piracy free
The undeniable security and effective management make the token piracy-free.

Surveillance free
The web3 platform handles overall ownership-oriented matters. Hence, tokens are free from surveillance.

Limited and transferable licenses
The number of licenses imparted to the ERC721 token is very limited and scarce. Though the tokens are non-transferrable due to their non-fungibility, their licenses are transferrable or exchangeable.

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