Faucet Bitcoin Gold

Good morning, I’m Yuzton lover of cryptocurrencies. For this reason I have created a bitcoin gold faucet where all users are able to earn BTG every 2 minutes in our Faucet and we also have PTC / SHORTLINKS / QUIZ. You can also advertise your website or project in baners or ptc as we have secure deposits.! deposit and start advertising your website all advertising revenue goes to users who use our site. I would like your support. !! I hope you like my project here I leave the site regards.!


nitroclicks.us got a new face, again :))


It’s far from perfect, but it looks like they’re trying to run a real faucet site.


You should use the BTG symbol instead of the Bitcoin symbol.


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…yeees, cryptos also keep my d♡ck stiff ;))

I’m not looking to be perfect … !! It’s just a simple faucet, I’m not a great programmer, I’m just looking for crypto lovers to win some real btg!

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I have no problem with your programming skills.
My problem is that I can NOT understand the concept behind an interchangeable crypto-currency faucet, and that’s why it sounds funny, to me. ;p

Who supplies it?

Cryptos are actually the world’s largest combined unchangeable accounting evidence.
You are rewarded an ammount, after doing work, by using some HARDWARE, to confirm some transactions took place.
A “faucet”, in my opinion, uses some kind of SOFTWARE glitches/tricks, to attribute some transactions(cryptos), to an adress(wallet), WITHOUT actually doing the work.
So you end up, with some immutable evidence, that a transaction took place.
If that transaction was illicit,
good luck explaining how you got that money,
in the future,
when you’ll most certainly be held accountable for spending currencies,
only GOD knows how they were obtained.

Faucets have a purpose. Faucets are ways to distribute tiny amounts of coin to interested people all over the world who might otherwise not experiment with crypto.

It can be individuals curious about crypto who won’t risk their own funds, it can be developers who need a tiny bit of crypto to experiment and learn… the amounts coming out of faucets are so small that the cost is nearly negligible, but it makes the difference between “having” and “not having” for many people.

Sometimes a coin project runs a faucet - or a benefactor donates to provide the funds. Since many coins are very, very, very divisible, and since faucets are designed to minimize “phony repeat” usage, they can distribute a tiny bit to a lot of people.

In this case, it looks like they’re trying to earn funds from pay-per-click advertising, and using those earnings to pay those rewards as crypto to the people doing the clicking.

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The money to finance the faucets is advertising, there are sites that pay to publish ads in the faucet for visits of that same money paid to users.

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ok, ok, ok…
it was the latter iteration ;))
They still owe me some ~$400 for their first advertising stunt, pulled upon me…
I guess they used that money to make up some crypto-“faucets”.
Sorry Ed, it’s too funny :))

“Thin ice, George… very thin ice” - Seinfeld. ;))

I think you mean a “former” iteration. But seriously - are you saying ganarbitcoin are the same folks behind nocs? Because they really look nothing alike, and the registration info looks totally dissimilar.

If you hate these click-ad places, fine. I think it’s a dubious business. These places seem pretty spammy to me, and the advertisers probably want real exposure, not people paid to ignore their ads.

And if someone owes you $400 for something promised, sure, be mad at them… but it really doesn’t look like these places you’re posting are related.

And faucets are a good thing. We need and want more faucets available to people. Someone should do it, and someone has to pay for it.


Again, I’m not endorsing this site or any 3rd-party site. I’m just saying that faucets are a good thing, and every faucet needs some way to pay for it. Some faucets are run by donators, and others do things like this site seems to be doing.

I’m not passing any judgement, here.

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lol … it is too much money to ganarbitcoin.us generates 4 usd per day, from that I pay 3 usd to the users 1 usd of earnings is very little but what else can you do to make money?


Yup, it “was” a “former” latter iteration.
It seamed like the same pattern, I didn’t even bother to check that out.
I’m surprised to hear that business pays out these days.
Back in '02, them guys/ladies would just raise the threshold, whenever anyone would get close, to the current threshold for checking-out.
Anyway, I agree, that business of faking attention is certainly dubious, so, not interested, is my take-away from the scope of this faucet. :slight_smile:

I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. ;))

But seriously, would you be ready to kill a person for this information? I think human life is priceless

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Neah man…
I share knowledge and direct possible customers, to producers, free of charge.
Keeps the business growing organically, horizontally first & then I sleep the best, whenever I feel like taking a nap. :slight_smile:

…also, I vist a place… full of cats maaan :grin:

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Ahaha, I understand you, and how do you?

Bsically… pretty much. ;))