Extremely Long Time of Transaction Confirmations

BTG, which I withdraw from koineks, deposit to Bitrex, even though it’s been 6 hours, the approval process is still over. Please help me about this issue. If you do not fix this issue immediately, I will never deal with BTG again.

TXI: e128b328db106c2b8d04256e51a0d3b86f3067d11b2f84e787a3c1db4b990236

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You posted this at 10:58 pm (22:58), and said it has been 6 hours.

The transaction ID you post, however, shows that the transaction was included in a block at 8:47pm (20:47), just two hours earlier, not six hours. If that transaction were broadcast 6 hours earlier, at around 5 pm (17:00), it would have been included in a much earlier block.

Height Timestamp
525771 4/28/2018 23:54
525770 4/28/2018 23:53
525769 4/28/2018 23:53
525768 4/28/2018 23:31
525767 4/28/2018 23:30
525766 4/28/2018 23:17
525765 4/28/2018 23:11
525764 4/28/2018 22:50
525763 4/28/2018 21:13
525762 4/28/2018 21:08
525761 4/28/2018 20:53
525760 4/28/2018 20:49
525759 4/28/2018 20:47
525758 4/28/2018 20:03
525757 4/28/2018 19:55
525756 4/28/2018 19:44
525755 4/28/2018 19:23
525754 4/28/2018 19:04
525753 4/28/2018 19:01
525752 4/28/2018 18:47
525751 4/28/2018 18:14
525750 4/28/2018 18:07
525749 4/28/2018 18:05
525748 4/28/2018 18:00

The transaction ID you provided, e128b328db106c2b8d04256e51a0d3b86f3067d11b2f84e787a3c1db4b990236, has had 21 confirmations at this point, which is roughly as expected. It was included in block 525759.

The BTG blockchain appears to be working fine; if there was a lengthy delay, it was likely an issue with the exchange and the time it took to approve your withdrawal and broadcast that transaction.


Sorry about 6 hours. But;
The time withdraw from koineks is: 29.04.2018 03:09:50
The time deposit to bittrex is: 29.04.2018 06:33:53
There is a difference of about 3.5 hours.
And I lost 0.006 BTC because of your delay.
As a result, I want you to know that I will never do any other trading with BTG and I will tell everyone about the disgrace of BTG on the confirmation speed.

This guy ymalkoc61 has only joined the forum about 9 hours ago… and its obvious that his motive was just to bad mouth BTG… if he was genuine and wanted a real explanation or/and solution he would first directly contact the BTG team through your direct email on the website… instead the decided to post this crap here and his description of timings did not even tally… either he is high or he is a troll… do not waste precious time on him… he is definitely not a BTG supporter…

Get ready for more crap to be posted on BTG social media channels… as history has shown, the trolls and their attacks with spams grow and BTG grows cause it pains our competitors to know that BTG is not only here to stay but it will be more successful than them…

First of all, I’d like to say, I’m definitely not a troll. I just want to make money. But I lost money because of a problem caused by BTG and I am very angry about it.I first sent an e-mail to BTG suport, so I wrote here because they did not answer to me.

U posted the wrong timing and you are obviously a trader who has no idea nor cares what this project is about… If this issue was happening everytime and is an ongoing genuine issue hundreds of people or traders would have complained on the same issue… You may even have suffered a loss due to your own last minute trade decisions and are finding others to blame… Move along… This space is long term supporters and new believers of this project… Both of which u are obviously not…

It’s unfortunate that you lost money on your trading, but there was nothing that went “wrong” with BTG. Variance in block find times is normal; it’s a stochastic process. Here is the current chart of average block times for April for BTC, BCH, and BTG, from BitInfoCharts:

All three of these chains have average 10-minute block times, and all exhibit variance.

Even if every block took exactly 10 minutes to find, your deposit would have taken just over 1 hour and 40 minutes for ten confirmations (Bittrex requires ten confirmations, plus both exchanges require some time for processing and approvals). In your case, you had the bad luck to have two very slow blocks in those ten, so the confirmation took longer than avearge - but short-term variance should be expected. It might have also confirmed more quickly; this is just luck. If the systme is working properly, the average will be close to 1 hour 40 minutes, because the average block takes close to 10 minutes.

The average block time is close to ten minutes, as designed - actually, based on the graph from BitInfoCharts, we’re actually running a bit fast. That haveing been said, we’re looking at ways to improve our DAA to acheive our 10-minute target while minimizing variance despite the competitive GPU-hashing market.

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Thank you for your interest.

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Another idea: though the avg block time is perfect (even better than Bitcoin), the variance is much larger. There’s higher chance to get a transaction waiting for a long time because these “fast blocks” only cover a small portion of the time. We have a lot of hashpower switching in and out randomly. A better DAA algorithm can help.

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I m waiting for 4-5 days. Still has not arrived . What can I do ? İ can not reach to gate io customer service. They did not reply to my email .

I’m hearing that gate.io is currently requiring 1000 confirmations from other - this is weird, but that would take about a week.

My transfer to gate.io has been stuck at 490 out of 1000 confirmations for few days now. No additional confirmation since 490. The transfer was started on 4/25. So it’s been 10 days. Any idea on how to speed this up or could this signaling some error or hack on the BTG network?

The BTG blockchain has never been stuck.

Gate.io’s systems are stuck.

See: Newbie, made rookie mistake. stuck transaction at 520 confirmations