Exodus Wallet BTG transfer to Binance Exchange


Using the Exodus Wallet for BitcoinGold BTG I decided to see just how long it would take to transfer some BTG from the Exodus Wallet to the Binance Exchange. It took just 3 minutes for the BTG coins to arrive into Binance, that’s impressive plus the cost of transfer was such a tiny amount. Binance then has to go through 10 confirmations on the newly arrived BTG before you have access to trade those same coins, this takes approx 1 hour. The whole process is very efficient, secure and user friendly and I’m very impressed.
Even though the current coin market is depressing for everyone, especially miners still supporting the networks with little to no profits these days, the signs are showing the start of a market recovery in coin prices as everyone starts to gather bags of cheap coins once again ready for the next big bull rally.
Santa is coming and he is filling his bags :grinning:


Here’s to wrapping up this painful year with a massive rally!