Exchange Thieves?


A year ago bought BTG coins in this exchanger. So far there is no withdrawa, lthe exchanger is just THIEVES?:rage:


Hi! The platform still exists. I don’t use YoBit, but I think they requires passport for account verification or withdrawal. Do you pass their KYC process? If you have Telegram, you may be able to talk with YoBit admins about your problem on their channel.


Alas, the KYC process has nothing to do with it. Network status BTG is displayed in the output of technical work. Other coins withdraw without problems. (((


I also had bad experiences with YoBit…I believe you can get them to allow your withdrawal however.
Personally I used FreeWallet to get BTG and it worked without any problems. I highly suggest it.


Are you saying YoBit allowed a BTG withdrawal? When?


[Billy] I didn’t quite understand. Please explain how to withdraw coins?